Temporal Artisan Ales!

Fall is here, and you know what that means? It’s time for some barrel-aged beer magic!

  • ORBITAL DISTORTION: 11.87% – A perfect blend of two different stouts, one aged in Blanton’s Bourbon barrels for two years and another in coconut barrels for one year but aged an additional year in Amburana wood barrels.
  • IDOLATED HORIZON: 13.78% – A blend of stouts of the first two void batches aged in Blanton’s barrels for two years, brewed with a reiterated double mash.
  • ARDBERG NOVUM: 12.21% – Adambier aged for 18 months in an Ardberg Scotch cask, this adds complexity to the beer and enhances their delicious malty flavours.
  • SPECTRAL RHUBARB: 6.3% – A blend of barrel fermented saisons aged for a year and combined into a fruiting barrel.