The Cherry Uprising At Bellwoods Brewing

The cherries are having an uprising out at Bellwoods Brewing. It’s a real Farmageddon I tells ya. It also happens to be the name of the latest beer we have from them. A Barrel Aged Wild Ale w/Niagara Montmorency & Morello Cherries 6.3%, 2019 vintage. Bottle conditioned for maximum spritz factor with flavours of cherry […]

We Have A Murder From 2 Crows Brewing

They just flew in from Halifax and their wings are tired…. so definitely make sure they are good and chilled before enjoying. We have 4 beers fresh in from 2 Crows Brewing. They even threw in a couple collabs. Cheers! Assamica – Amaro Barrel Aged Sour w/Assam Tea 6% *collab w/World Tea House Bubble Breaker […]

It’s Wild 33 Brewing Exp. Has A Dragon

Who is up to get wild with some dragons?, yes that’s right. Well partly the wild part is a wild ale and the dragon part is the Styrian Dragon hop from Savinja. 33 Brewing Exp is at it again with some fun releases. So let’s get wild, cheers! DH Saison w/Dragon 6.6%, result is a […]

Majority Rules Microbrasserie Vox Populi

A beer for every occasion, please welcome Micorbrasserie Vox Populi out of Quebec. Now which beer to try first?, cheers! Hop Orange – Citrus IPA 6% it’s bitter soft with notes of orange and tangerine Kettle Sour – Berliner Weisse w/Orange 3% it’s like a beer mimosa Fruit Punch IPA 6%

Who Wants To Go Suncasting With Some Slackwater

Bet lots of you go Surfcasting and don’t even know it! Not only is it the newest New England IPA from Slackwater Brewing. But it’s also the act of fishing from the shore. But back to the beer, Suncaster 7% is brewed with Apricots and Mangoes & Galaxy hops. Result is a beer with all […]

At The Roulette Table With Twin Island Cider

There’s roulette then there’s roulette with Twin Island Cider. Field Blends 6.5%, their newest release in 3 different batches. That’s the roulette part, you don’t know what blend you have till you scan the QR code on the side of the can. It’s also a roulette you can’t lose at. Crack open and enjoy the […]

Strathcona Beer Co Gets Funky With Some Fruit

You know it’s always going to be a funky party when Brett is invited. 12 months ago Strathcona Brewing threw some Brettanomyce in an Okanagan wine barrel. As well as some raspberry, guava puree and a blend of Pilsner and Maris Otter malt. The result is Barrel Aged 7%, a slightly tart and very fruit […]

Strange Fellows Brewing Mixes Things Up

From Strange Fellows Brewing’s we have their Mixed Lager Box. A mix pack from them to showcase the differences within lager styles. Sure to be something for everyone to enjoy, Cheers! 2x Ferdinand – Vienna Lager 5.5% 2x Beldame – Pilsner 5% 2x Ludwig – Festbier 5.4% 2x Odd Birds – New Zealand Pilsner 5.3%

Andina Brewing Has Us Remembering

All we have these days are memories of visiting tropical islands. They are in there somewhere filed away and the best way to get that file open is taste. Recuerdo is the newest from Andina Brewing Co. A Dragonfruit Kiwi Sour 4.5%. Perfect summer beer with refreshing yet subtle fruit flavours. Sure to bring those […]