Cloudy With A Chance Of Pineapple

You might not be about to hit the tropical white sand beaches this summer. So Phillips Brewing has brought summer in the south seas to us. Pina Clouda 5.5%, a Cloudy Pineapple Wheat Ale. A Hefeweizen dry hopped with Sabro hops. Taking our taste buds away with notes of banana and juicy pineapple. All you […]

A Rose By Any Other Name

Vivid Crimson, it’s not the name of an 80’s cover band or some new super hero. It is the name of Yellow Dog Brewing’s newest fruit sour at 5.5%. Aged a year in wine barrels, then blended with red and black raspberries. Resulting in a complex beer that is dangerous….in a good way. Cheers!

Sori Not Sorry

You won’t be sorry with trying these beers from Estonia. Sori Brewing, a brewery started by 2 Finns who are passionate about craft beer. We recently got in 5 beers from them. 2018 Anniversary Barley Wine – Barley Wine Aged in Cognac Barrels 11.2% 2019 Anniversary Barley Wine – Barley Wine Aged in Cognac Barrels […]

Strange Fellows & Crooked Stave Are Thick As

When you’re palsy-walsy with another brewery, it of course means you collaborate on a beer. The newest from Strange Fellows Brewing – Thick As Thieves 9.1%, A Provisional Wild Saison. Is a multi-culture collaboration with Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, out of Denver.  Aged 7 months in barrels resulting in a delicate sour Saison. Has […]

Dageraad Brewing Gets Laagered

Which came first,the Lager or the Pilsner?…For those who don’t know, a Pilsner is a style of Lager. Dageraad Brewing just released Dagerlaager, Old World Pilsner 5%. Nice and crisp, with herbal notes thanks to the hops. And subtly nutty thanks to the German pilsner malt. Cheers!

In A Category All Their Own

We just got in a nice line up of Category 12 Brewing, will be hard to pick just one. Cheers! Chomatic IPA – West Coast IPA 7% Tangental Pilsner 5% Steady State – Tangerine & Cassis Sour 5.2% Compressed Data – Hazy Pale Ale 4.5% Epiphany – Barrel Aged Red Sour 5.8% * 2019 Vintage, […]

So Many Choices, So Little Time

Looking for something new to try? We might have what your taste buds are looking for. The Squeeze – Blood Orange Pale Ale 5.5% Bridge Brewing Dry Hopped Sour 7.3% Superflux X Strathcona collab Nelson Hazy IPA 6.1% 33 Exp Simple Things – Pilsner 5% Steel & Oak Brewing *now a 4pk Lager 4.5% Steel […]

To Piquette Or Not To Piquette

If you missed the Piquette Bottles from A Sunday In August not to worry. It’s now in cans, and it’s limited so each customer can have 4cans = 2x Rose & 2x Blanc.

Who Needs Rhubarb Pie When You Have Sheringham

Is it a fruit or a vegetable? Either way the Rhubarb Gin 25% from Sheringham Distillery is sure to be one we all want in you home bars this summer. They took the rhubarb tartness we all know, sweetened it and combined it with their new London Dry Gin. Enjoy it neat with a cube […]

The Good Kind Of S.O.B = Sooke Oceanside Brewing

We have added another local brewery to our line up. Please welcome Sooke Oceanside Brewing (S.O.B). Stiff Jab – Pale Ale 5.3% Spring Board – IPA 6.5% Renfrew – Red Ale 5.1% Bonfire – Blonde Ale 5%