Red Collar Brewing – Grumpy Monk

Why is the Grumpy Monk so grumpy? Well it’s nun of your business.   New from Red Collar Brewing, a dark sour made from the lower gravity batches of the Black Dog Quad. With added lacto and hops to punch this up to a medium bodied sour ale. Cheers!

Steel & Oak – Blush Rose Saison

Life’s a little better with rose tinted glasses, so think pink! New from Steel & Oak, a crisp Saison with a rose-like quality from sitting on merlot and cab franc skins. Pislner and acidulated malt keeps this brew light and its 6 week can conditioning keeps us coming back for more. Cheers!

Parallel 49 – Superb Owl

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No wait… it’s a new beer from Parallel 49! Also maybe we were right at first because it’s the Superb Owl! Crashing in with a crushable Kolsch for your crisp consumption. Whhhhhoooo? Could miss this new brew? Cheers!

Steel & Oak – Kōtuku

Spread your wings and crack a can of Kōtuku, a delicious tropical, Nelson Sauvin focused pale ale. Notes of white wine, gooseberries and tropical fruit, perfect for a toast to the weekend. Cheers! Steel & Oak

Left Hand – Chai Milk Stout

Brown cow stunning! New from Left Hand Brewing, a super smooth nitro milk stout with those good chai spices. Aromatic, rich and delicious! The cow says “Tasty!” Cheers!

Superflux – Romantic Devastation

Take her back to the place she wants to be…. drinking the new Superflux beer! Romantic Devastation, the theme of my twenties! Cheers!


Part of a healthy breakfast and new from 33 EXP, OJ IPA is a crushable, juicy brewski. Cheers!

Twin Island – Old Orchard Trinity

The Quince, the Pear and the Holy Heirloom Apple. Twin Island Cider has bottled heaven in this Godly Old Orchard Trinity. A beautiful, quince forward nose with a zesty pear body and the finish of crisp apple. Go on, take a bite out of this garden. 🐍

Powell X Steel & Oak – Terry

  Inspired by the thwack-able chocolate delight, we’re really peeling this new brew from Powell and Steel & Oak ! A Dark Mild with raw cocoa nibs and fresh orange peel, rich and citrusy, smash it and love it to bits! Cheers!

Field House – Oldhand Flat White Oatmeal Stout

  A shared love of brewing can go a long way! Field House and Oldhand Coffee combine beans and oatmeal for this flat white inspired stout. With lactose and vanilla, it’s the perfect blend of early mornings and late nights. Rich, bold and creamy, nobody is yawning with this stout on the table. Cheers!