Strange Fellows Goes Galactic

Someone must have wished upon a shooting star. Just when we thought Nocturnum from Strange Fellows was gone, they hit us with this gem from the depths of space. Nocturnum Galactica 7%, barrel aged Brett IPA. Result is a rich dark beer with hints of chocolate and fig. Cheers!

Steel & Oak Brewing Gets All Velvety

Ever have one of those days where you want to cheat on a non cheat day with a slice of Black Forest Cake? I’ll do you one better, how about a decadently smooth beer? We give you Velveteen 6.8%, a limited release from Steel & Oak Brewing worth cheating on your non cheat day with. […]

Twin Sails Brewing Feels The Burn

You never want to get caught in enemy territory(a.k.a stale house party) with too much amo (a.k.a good beer)so before you make a run for it you better turn and burn through the rest of your amo. Twin Sails Brewings latest limited release might be a gooder Turn & Burn IPA. Dropping in at 6.6% […]

33B EXP Cleans House With Their Dry Hopped Saison

The sun is out, the air is crisp and fresh. Almost time for some spring cleaning. And you can’t get that cleaning done without a beer. The latest release from 33B Exp might hit the spot with it’s fruity funk. A Dry Hopped Saison w/Hallertau Blanc 6.5%. Bottle conditioned with a strain of Brett grown […]

Tofino Brewing Rides The Cosmic Wave

In this concrete jungle sometimes we need to drop what we’re doing and get some rays. Soak in that vitamin D with a cold beverage. While riding those rays why not try Cosmic Wave from Tofino Brewing, a Double IPA 9%. Come get lost in the endless barrel of the infinite void with this hoppy […]

Sundown Brewing – Boxcar Vol.2

It’s not just books that come in volumes. Now beers do too, who knew! Sundown Beer Co., Boxcar  Sour Series Vol.2. Another sessionable and crushable beer, this time with Raspberries, Blackberries and Cranberries. Now come grab a 4pk and let us know if this volume is enjoyable like the first. Cheers!

Dageraad Brewing – Entropy Series #12

Disorder and randomness?, I’d say it’s the complete opposite when it comes to Dageraad Brewings Entropy Series. They recently dropped #12 and we have it now, Old Bretts7.9%. A blend of 3 Belgian style Blonde Ales that was aged in red wine barrels for over 1 year with a couple of Brett strains. Result is […]

Brassneck Brewing & Strange Fellows Brewing Squabble Over Some-Antics

You know some kind of antics happen when two breweries get together for a collab. Not sure what the semantics are for such a gathering, or if there are any. Regardless what should matter is the beer that comes from said get together. Take Brassneck Brewing and Strange Fellows latest mash up, Some Antics 6% […]

Steamworks Brewing Goes Dark With Flanders

Dark and moody with a hint of sweet?, we have a sour for you. Steamworks Brewing just dropped Dark Sour 8.5%, Flanders Style sour. Fermented in American Oak barrels for 18 months w/cherries and currants. Pours a deep reddy brown you expect from this style but features a not so punchy tartness and finishes with […]