Townsite Brewing Gose with The Feelers

Who knows what you’ll find along the shoreline after an epic storm. With those beach combing adventures you’ll need a beer to enjoy after. Townsite Brewing’s newest Passionfruit Gose 5.8% from their Shoreline Series could be the ticket. A nice sour wheat beer brewed with sea salt and passionfruit puree. Cheers!

il Sauvage Trio

Who doesn’t like a good trio, especially when it’s something tasty. We recently got 3 new ile Sauvage Brewing in: Azteque-Stout w/coffee chocolate & chilli 7%, Mosaique-Sour w/mango & mosaic hops 5.4%, Verdoyant- Dry-Hopped Sour 5%. Also have 2 returning ones from them Abricot and Raspberry Sour. Cheers!

A Jolly Time With Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

Lets get a little wild with Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales out of Michigan. They were one of the first if not the first brewery in the US to wild and oak aged their beers. We recently got 2 of their beers in: La Roja – Sour Amber Ale 7.2%, Belgian Style ale aged several months […]

Twin Sails Brewing Is All About The Little Things

Sometimes in life it’s the little things that you need to stop and enjoy. Even better when those little things are jam packed with all the flavour. Twin Sails Brewing’s latest release The Little Things is one such beer, Brett IPA with Galaxy 7.5%. Oak fermented, dry hopped and biotransformed giving you all the tropical […]

Dominion Cider Is Making Magic

  That time of day when everything starts to slow down from the bustling day. When the setting sun and hits a building just right and you’re showered with gold light. Well now you can have all that in a can. From Dominion Cider Co. Magic Hour 6.4% dry session cider made with a blend […]

33B Exp. Has Some Candy For Us

If a Friend asks if you want to share some candy with them, say yes because it could be a can of 33B Exp. latest release. BC Hazy IPA 7% a brew showcasing local ingredients. Cashmere, Comet and Cascade Hops giving notes of lime,melon and candy. Cheers!

Phillips Brewing Goes Boom

No need to adjust your radios frequency. That high pitched sound is just the ultra sonic waves following this hop bomb in my hand. Sonic Boom is the newest seasonal release from Phillips Brewing. A Hazy IPA dropping in at 6% brewed using ultra sonic tech. A little science to break your thirst barrier with […]

Welcome Farm Country Brewing To Our Lineup

A couple breweries have opened up in and around Langley. Bit of a drive for some of us we Know, but we just made it a little easier. Please welcome Farm Country Brewing from Langley. A brewery true to it’s name as it really is farm country out in that neck of the woods. We […]

Persephone Brewing Has Some Homework For You

No promises that there won’t be a pop quiz. Persephone Brewing is back with their Single Hop Series. A 4pk IPA 6.6%, each can is an IPA brewed with a different hop varieties. This year they used Sabro, Lotus, Columbus and Motueka Hops. Or if you want to be really adventurous they also have a […]

Backcountry Brewing Redeems Themselves with Nothing

You’ve been waiting for this sour and it’s finally here. Plus something extra to hold us over from Backcountry Brewing till their next release. And Totally Redeem Yourself – Pineapple Coconut Sour 5.5% You’ll Get Nothing And Like It – Citra IPA 6.7%