Something Super Strange in The Neighbourhood

There’s something strange in the neighbourhood. And no we’re not talking about the Vancouver Police Museum. Something a little more obvious. Which would be a beer collaboration between Strange Fellows Brewing and Superflux. We give you the colourful Super Strange and Super Obvious(5.3%), a Dry Hopped Saison. A beer with the dry pepper characteristic of […]

Say Hello to Slackwater Brewing

This rainy Vancouver weather is the perfect time to welcome Slackwater Brewing to our shelves. A brewery out of Penticton with passion for beer and the outdoors that started in 2013 and took form in 2019. So come pick up one or both of these brews and enjoy with friends. What The Fog – New […]

Field House Brewing & Nomad Cider collab

Crisp, refined and sparkling is not how you would usually describe Golden Ale. But when Field House Brewing collaborates with Nomad Ciders it is. Wild Golden Cider Ale (7%), a Belgian style Golden Ale aged 6 months  on heaps of Nomad cider must and dessert apple pomace. Resulting in a beer that evolved thanks to […]

Rat King – Storm Brewing

Tremble in fear my child Follow me into everlasting night I am your fiercest storm Oh how frightful terrifying is the King Rattus evil might Storm Brewing is celebrating their 25th Anniversary with the release of King Rattus XXV, a Blackberry Lambic(7%). Reincarnated from a 1996 recipe and aged 2 years in French Oak barrels. […]

So Fresh Hop

Here are 3 more Fresh Hop beers to tickle your taste buds: Fresh Hop Sartori Sour IPA 6% Field House Brewing Fresh Hop Vienna Lager 5.5% Main St. Brewing Fresh Hop Pilsner 5% Moody Ales

Container Brewing

You know a brewery has a passion for beer when they brew beers even when still under construction. Container Brewing is the newest brewery to pop up in Yeast Van. Not only do we have one of the core beers Panamax ESB(6%), not your usual ESB as it’s more of a west coast style and […]

Boombox Brewing – Secret Galaxies

Pssst, hey! Hey you, I have a secret to tell you. Before I tell you there’s one stipulation, you have to bring tunes as it’s a bit of a intergalactic treck. Maybe bring a boombox so the sound can carry through space. So you ready?here we go, Boombox Brewing has just discovered Secret Galaxies (6.8%) […]

Fresh Hop Duo

Hope you haven’t gotten your fill yet of fresh hop beers because we have more for you. Red Collar Brewing’s Hop Comet(6%), a Fresh Hop Hazy Pale Ale. And Strathcona Beer Co.’s Fresh Hop Sour(6%), brewed with fresh Cashmere hops and dry hopped with Cashmere, Citra, Waimea hops.

Backcountry Brewing – Suck It Cancer

When there’s a returning beer it usually doesn’t get a post. But there’s always an exception to the rule. That exception is Backcountry Brewing’s award winning Suck It Trebek a DDH Pale Ale. It has been renamed Suck It Cancer (5.5%), can art collaboration with the estate of the late Chili Thom. A local Squamish […]

Class of 2014

BC Craft Beer Month is here and what better way to show community support than to brew a beer. We give you Yellow Dog Brewing’s Class of 2014 IPA (7.1%). A beer in collaboration with 12 other local breweries that all opened in 2014. Dageraad Brewing, Steel & Oak Brewing, Moody Ales, Barkerville Brewing, Category […]