Four Winds – Operis

What a precious bundle of joy we have received. So touching. You can feel the love. Four Winds.

Steel & Oak – Cydonia

Not everything is as it appears. New from Steel & Oak, Cydonia is serving face that isn’t even there! Grab this alien brew that tastes juicy but pours clear! This oat IPA, named after Mar’s future craft brewing district, is full of surprises, all the looks of a west coast IPA with the aroma and […]

Coal Harbour x La Voie Maltée – Deux Amis

Two friends, 7,929 km apart brewing a fantastic collaboration. Coal Harbour and La Voie Maltée present an internationally delicious French Saison, using french ingredients for a refreshing soft, light and dry saison. Herbaceous, tobacco and citrus notes complete this meticulously brewed beverage. Here’s to friends!  

Parallel 49 – Frosted Tips

Relive the 90s boy band scene with a winter brew from Parallel 49! Serving smooth herbaceous rhythm and spicy style, you’ll be dancing in the rain in no time! Why are you dancing in the rain? So no one can see your sweet sensitive boy band tears as you weep over how amazing this winter […]

Main Street X Kanazawa – Brut Rose

Dry and light, this beer combined with 400L of pinot noir grapes from Kanazawa in Naramata is an absolute gem! Know someone on the edge about craft beer? Pour them a glass of this beer from Main Street to convert them forever. All the beautiful, full fruit notes of a pinot noir, with a stunning […]

Yellow Dog & Trolley No.5 – Fist Bump

🤜 ✨ 🤛 🤜 ✨ 🤛 🤜 ✨ 🤛 🤜 ✨ 🤛 🤜 ✨ 🤛 With the power of 5 fist bumps, Yellow Dog and Trolley No.5 has brewed a beauty of a blackberry red ipa! Crack one open for a balance of fruit and malt in this surprising light brew! Cheers!

Moon Under Water X Fuggles & Warlock – Life of Brett

Just wait until Biggus Dickus hears about this beer! Blessed are the beermakers, at least that’s what we hear! New from Moon Under Water and Fuggles & Warlock: Malty Python and the Life of Brett. Obviously an homage to the fantastic Malty Python and the Flying Brewpub, this brett pale ale is sure to put […]

Coal Harbour – Charcoal Porter

Finally, a beer as black as my cold, cold heart! Dark as night with caramel and chocolate notes that’ll warm you up from your fingers to your toes! Activated charcoal gives this beer a clean finish and a roasty taste while maintaining the creamy, malty goodness of a porter. Cheers! Coal Harbour

Coal Harbour – The Final Dino Sour

Is 65 Million Years too soon? Coal Harbour’s Final Dino Sour is a beauty in blood orange, orange peel and orange blossom honey. Look for this prehistoric citrus brew boasting Mandarina Bavaria hops and aged on Spanish Seville Orange. Bright and tart, just like the Dinosaurs, this series is going out with a bang!  🦖 […]

S&O – First Press

Looking for a tasty caffeinated beverage that’s got all the malty goodness of a stout with the kick of cold brew? Get all that smooth, toasty notes with little bitterness in First Press from Steel and Oak! Those of you who managed to taste this beauty at last week’s Friday tasting will remember big chocolate […]