Steamworks – Pumpkin Ale

Oh my gourd! Another pumpkin beer? That’s right folks, only 41 days left until Halloween, better start pounding this deliciously festive beer before they’re all squash! Steamworks.

Parallel 49 – Lean Back

Lean Back? Honey, I need to lie down! New from Parallel 49, a super chill, totally relaxed double dry hopped IPA for you to enjoy on this crisp autumn day, or any day! Or night! Maybe take it easy on the mornings though. Cheers!

Driftwood – Goldynwell

The perfect brew is not about where it gets you, but how it tastes. From the new Swedish trend of low ABV brew, look for a beer that’s more craft and less buzz. This Folkol, or “People’s Beer” is packed with bright, light flavour with a smooth oat malt body and crisp Citra and Mosaic […]

Steel & Oak – Chazwazza

Check out our new brew from Steel & Oak! Now, you can call it a super tasty double IPA, but I’d call ’em Chazwazza!

Category 12 – Harvest Sour

Check out our most currant sour, black currant that is! New from Category 12, a Brett. Brux. Trois fermented beer with the added hue and pucker of locally sourced black currants from a fifth generation farm! ScienTerrific!

Four Winds – Raspberry Jam

I hope you brought your jars, because we’ll be jamming all week with this new brew! Raspberry Jam coming in from Four Winds with some Fraser Valley raspberries, Saccharomyces Trois and vanilla. Cheers!

Twin Sails – Single Life

Are you living your best life ALONE? Well when everyone else is holding hands, grab a hold of this four pack! Twin Sails Brewing

Yukon – Pumpkin Spice Ale

It’s the beer worth freezing for! Yukon Brewing is here with a seasonal favourite, the pumpkin spice ale! All that gourd nutmeg, cloves and ginger to get you falling for fall! Cheers! 🍂