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Strange Fellows Goes Galactic

Someone must have wished upon a shooting star. Just when we thought Nocturnum from Strange Fellows was gone, they hit us with this gem from the depths of space. Nocturnum Galactica 7%, barrel aged Brett IPA. Result is a rich dark beer with hints of chocolate and fig. Cheers!

Steel & Oak Brewing Gets All Velvety

Ever have one of those days where you want to cheat on a non cheat day with a slice of Black Forest Cake? I’ll do you one better, how about a decadently smooth beer? We give you Velveteen 6.8%, a limited release from Steel & Oak Brewing worth cheating on your non cheat day with. […]

Twin Sails Brewing Feels The Burn

You never want to get caught in enemy territory(a.k.a stale house party) with too much amo (a.k.a good beer)so before you make a run for it you better turn and burn through the rest of your amo. Twin Sails Brewings latest limited release might be a gooder Turn & Burn IPA. Dropping in at 6.6% […]

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