New Arrivals

Backcountry Brewing Has Talons

Heck yes! Grandma just called. She said Backcountry Brewing has a new IPA. Do The Chickens Have Large Talons 6.7%, a Nelson IPA. Why Nelson well because of their contribution to their brewing and magic skills. Well gosh that sounds good. Cheers!

33 Brewing Exp. Gets Baby Azacca On The Dance Floor!

No one puts baby in the corner. Who would want to when it’s a tasty pale ale from 33 Brewing Exp. Baby Azacca 5.5% bursting with tropical and orchard fruit notes along with some smooth piney layers. Think this would be a beer Patrick Swayze would enjoy. Cheers!

Just Add Green Screen – R&B Brewing

Sick of those never ending work zoom meetings where you can’t enjoy a cold beer. Well R&B Brewing is providing you with a green screen with their newest IPA. Green Screen IPA 5.7% is a beer to enjoy without anyone knowing during those boring work zoom meetings. Cheers to making those meeting more fun.

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