New Arrivals

Red Collar Brewing – Grumpy Monk

Why is the Grumpy Monk so grumpy? Well it’s nun of your business.   New from Red Collar Brewing, a dark sour made from the lower gravity batches of the Black Dog Quad. With added lacto and hops to punch this up to a medium bodied sour ale. Cheers!

Steel & Oak – Blush Rose Saison

Life’s a little better with rose tinted glasses, so think pink! New from Steel & Oak, a crisp Saison with a rose-like quality from sitting on merlot and cab franc skins. Pislner and acidulated malt keeps this brew light and its 6 week can conditioning keeps us coming back for more. Cheers!

Parallel 49 – Superb Owl

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No wait… it’s a new beer from Parallel 49! Also maybe we were right at first because it’s the Superb Owl! Crashing in with a crushable Kolsch for your crisp consumption. Whhhhhoooo? Could miss this new brew? Cheers!

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