New Arrivals

Mezza – Italian Glacial Bubbly

Dominate your brunch game.

Tin Whistle – Obsession

So we were wondering what’s with y’all and Tin Whistle Brewing? Like… What’s with your Obsession with them? Like we get that their Hibiscus Saison is banging but like…Geez. We’re sorry people are jealous of us for having this beer in store, we can’t help that we’re popular.

Gigantic X Superflux – Pina COOLada

Keep COOL this week with a collab that’ll get you squawking like Toucan Sam! Gigantic and Superflux flexin’ their hazy brewing style with this coconut, tropical IPA! Start your summer off cool as a coconut! CAW!

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Open Everyday 11 AM - 11 PM



3045 Main Street
Vancouver, BC, V5T 3G6



Free Parking Behind the Store