New Arrivals

Neighbourhood Brewing – Welcome to The Family

We are all about supporting our neighbourhood. And when it’s craft beer distance doesn’t matter. Please welcome Neighbourhood Brewing from Penticton to our line up. We have 4 of their beers to choose from: Pursuit of Happiness – Pilsner 4.9% Way of Life – Hazy IPA 6.9% Passion Project – Passion Fruit Wheat Ale 5.3% […]

Backcountry Brewing – Barrel Aged the Filthy Animal

When you get to a certain age counting out your shrapnel to pay for anything isn’t fun, but ya gotta use it at some point. And we have just the beer to spend that change on. It’s a limited release from Backcountry Brewing. They Barrel Aged Keep The Change Ya Filthy Animal 9% Imperial Stout. […]

Siempre Tequila – Plata (silver)

Take a siesta and pour yourself a drink to sip while you sit back relax. How about some Siempre Plata 40% tequila. A combination of Highland and Lowland Blue Agave. Slow baked then milled, the juices are open air fermented and twice distilled. Giving you the purest form of Siempre Tequila. Cheers!

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