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Great Notion Goes Team Zissou

Who is up for a very cool trip?, next stop is the beautiful Island of Malibu. And we assure you it’s completely safe in here. We even have cans of Great Notion Brewing’s Are We Safe In Here? to enjoy on this trip in the blue sea. It’s a Double Dry Hopped IPA 6.8%, a […]

Tempest Brewing Is Tempting Us Again With A Trio of Stouts

There is a chill in the air and the leaves are changing. That means it’s almost full on Stout Weather. Who are we kidding it is always stout weather but they are best enjoyed during the colder seasons. Tempest Brewing is back with a trio of stouts for you the have now or age for […]

Dageraad Brewing Embraces The Randomness

In life there are certain things we do to avoid entropy. And then there is Dageraad Brewing, who embraces entropy with their Entropy Series. Just got No.20 & 21 in. Which of these barrel aged bottles of chaos will you enjoy first? Cheers! No.20 Biere de Coupage – Blended Barrel Aged Beer 7.1%, blend of […]

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