Summer Trilogy Continues

The best get togethers are when there’s a few guffaws. Especially if there’s a nice beer, or two, or three to crack open. Here’s a trio that might pair well for such happenings. All you need next is to add food and friends. Cheers! Passion Fruit Lime Sour 6% Field House Brewing Nordique – Rye […]

Staff Pick – Arthur

Funky, Weird, Wild and Sour. These three beers are spontaneously fermented using the Belgian breweries’ proprietary blend of yeasts and bacteria found hiding in the ceilings and rafters of their old buildings. Complex and evolving aromas are to be found in these beers, from candy to barnyards, these beers are nothing if not strange, and ultimately unique […]

Staff Picks – Chris

Here’s what Chris likes to warm up those crisp autumn nights with a robust imperial stout. Looking for a rich and decadent dessert beer? Kees Zeeuwse Bolus Stout(10%) packs flavours of chocolate, caramel and coffee. Maybe you’re in the mood for something bold and complex. Strange Fellows Brewing Boris Russian Imperial Stout(1o.3%). Has notes of […]

Staff Pick – Maeghan v.V

Meg’s picks, for me this time of year it’s all about coffee beers. And just like coffee, coffee beer styles have one for all of our discerning palate. If you’re for coffee that’s lighter Lighthouse Brewing’s Night Watch Coffee Lager is for you. Nice and crisp with a hint of roasted nuts. If you like […]

Staff Pick – Gareth

Gareth’s picks, what’s not to love about sour beers? Light and refreshing, or complex tart and mysterious. Weather you like the saltiness of a Gose or the tartness of a strawberry sour. This style of of beer has something for everyone all year round. To Ol Beer, 2 Crows Brewing, Backcountry Brewing

Staff Picks – April

Aprils picks, buying red wine can be intimidating, but these easygoing BC Pinot Noirs from 50th Parallel Wine,  Joie Farm , and Mt Boucherie Wine are juicy, food friendly, and pair perfectly with family dinners, board games, and treating yourself.

Staff Pick – Meghan

We all love a crispy boy in the summer, but lager season doesn’t have to end as soon as the clouds roll in! Smoky, malty, chocolatey… in the right hands, lager can do it all. Let Persephone Brewing’s Black Lager, Steel and Oak’s Rye Lager, and Trou du Diable’s Punkrauch ease you right into fall. […]

Kevin – Staff Picks

Where once I saw a blandness, now I see a bright star in the beer galaxy. Pillies, crispi-bois, Vitamin P, or even dad beers. Whatever you call them, let Pilsners be your guiding light. Like it dry and snappy? Simple Things from Steel and Oak Brewing will lead you there. Pilsner Urquell takes you to […]

Staff Pick – Cam

Remember a time before “hazy” was part of our beer vocabulary? When IPAs were bitter and piney? Well Cam never forgot! This trio of West Coast IPAs from Tapworks , Persephone, and Ninkasi are refreshing throwbacks to the days before haze!  

Staff Pick – Icelandic Stout by Borg

‼️‼️Staff Pick Spotlight‼️‼️ Sales Associate April loves the Icelandic Stout by Borg because: “It puts hair on your chest and tastes hecking great!” Thanks April 🤣🤣🤣