JoieFarm Winery = New Picnic + Camping Buddy

JoieFarm Winery is back again with a couple new canned wines. We now have the whole rainbow. Cheers! 2020 Fireside Red 12.8% – Zweigelt grape, resulting in a wine with similar flavours as a Pinot Noir. bright, tart and fruity 2020 Moscato Frizzante 10.1% – Semi- sparkling almost dessert wine. Enjoy as a refreshing aperitif

Sail Away To Fair Isle Brewing This Summer

Fair Isle Brewing from Seattle is back with 9 new Saisons and wild fermented ales for you to enjoy. Cheers! Heinrich 750 & 375mL- Saison w/Buckwheat 5.6% Gemma 750mL-Saison w/Elderflower & Rose Hips 5.2% Madame R.Galle 750mL-Saison 6.1% Helsar 375mL-Saison w/Cascara 4.8% Camellia 375mL-Saison w/notes of Tangelos & Mandarin Oranges 7.2% Henderson 375mL-Saison w/Malted Rye […]

Field House Brewing + 33 Acres Brewing = Wild & Witty Times

Summer is all about good food, friends and a tasty libation. Field House Brewing just collaborated with their friends at 33 Acres Brewing to bring us one. Wild Wit 5.3%, a Witbier brewed with yarrow, coriander, Brett strain from 33 Acres and aged on fresh lemon zest. Result is an effervescent beer with a little funk […]

Dageraad Brewing In A Pear Tree

No Partridges were harmed in the making of this beer. The latest from Dageraad Brewing, Peer 4%. Is a Pear Beer w/Cardamom. The pearfect beer for the sunny weather ahead. Pours a crushable golden amber with juicy pear and a bit of cardamom spice. Cheers!

Inconceivable + Backcountry Brewing = Simcoe West Coast IPA

Have you been mostly dead all day, or all week for that matter? Maybe a nice refreshing beer is in order. Backcountry Brewing has braved the dark forest to bring us their latest IPA. My Name is Inigo Montoya You Killed My Father prepare To Die. It’s a Simcoe West Coast IPA dropping in at […]

House of Funk + Strange Fellows = Southern Hemisphere

House of Lager(House Of Funk Brewing) is back again with another collab. This go around it’s a Southern Hemisphere Pilsner 4.55% with Strange Fellows Brewing. Natural carbonation and hopped with Southern Queen, Galaxy and Motueka Hops. It’s a known fact that if you grab a “summer” beer that the rain will go away. Cheers!

Slackwater Brewing – Party Is Here

Yo bro lets hit the beach and try to catch that party wave everyone has been talking about! Oh dude you mean there’s a party on the beach? No bro don’t you surf? As waves of warmer weather come you know a party is close behind. Part Wave, Slackwater Brewing’s latest release. Hazy Pale Ale […]

5th Instalment of Their Sour Series – Moon Underwater Brewing

The 5th in the series of 5 exploratory sours from Moon Underwater Brewing is here. Mango Island Salt & Cardamom Sour 6%. Notes of cardamom brighten the mango while the local sea salt refreshes your palate. Grab a bottle and let us know which of the 5 was your fav. Cheers!

Movie Night With Backcountry Brewing

If ever there was a sign to have a movie night with Backcountry Brewing it is NOW! If you can’t name these 2 classic movies from the names of their recent releases it’s time to watch them. Cheers! I Believe You Have My Stapler – Dry Hopped Lager 5% Donny You’re Out Of Your Element […]

Sage Hills Organic Winery – Small Batch Wild Fermentation

It’s not just the in thing to like organic wine it’s what many  BC winery’s are all about. Sage Hills Organic Winery has been organic since day one. Not quite the 100mile diet, but still considered local. We recently got 2 new releases from them in our BC VQA wine fridge section. Can ya dig […]