Field House Brewing Has Something New Up Their Sleeve

Something new and a returning seasonal from Field House Brewing. Returning seasonal is their Cherry Vanilla Milk Stout 6%. And we have the first 3 batches from their new BRRL ROOM. They brewed a Dark Sour Ale and aged 11 months in White Oak then split it 3 ways: Batch 1 – Sour Noir 7.2% […]

Twin Sails Brewing – Pumps Up The Flexin

Some of us like to go to the gym to bulk up. While the rest of us like to take what we have and just add a little something. Much like Twin Sails Brewing did with Str8 Flexin’. They took that stout and gave it a dose of Cinnamon, Ancho Chili, Vanilla and Cocoa. Result […]

Sea Cider Takes Us Down Cherry Lane

Now we can enjoy cherries other times of the year and not just  summer. Cherry Lane 9.9% is Sea Ciders newest cider. Its made with Bitter Cherry, Choke Cherry, and Pin Cherry. Resulting in a cider that’s sure to take you down memory lane with it’s dryness as well as sweetness. Perfect cider to drink […]

Phillips Brewing Leaves The Last Move For US

We all love a good puzzle, even more so when it’s a puzzle for our taste buds. Phillips Brewing Barrel Aged Puzzler, a Belgian Black IPA 7.3%. They brought back their original puzzler but aged it in Bourbon Barrels. So come grab a bottle and see if you can solve the puzzle. Cheers!

Container Brewing – Triple Play

Happy to welcome Container Brewing back to the shelves with a triple play: Gantry – Pilsner 4% All Season – Dry Stout 4% Destination – NEIPA 9.2%

Hair of The Dog Brewing

We have all had one of those mornings where we need some hair of the dog. How about a brewery with it in its name? Please welcome Hair Of The Dog Brewing from Portland, Oregon. A brewery that strives to provide new and unusual beer styles. So far we have from them: Fred – Golden […]

Backcountry Brewing Drops A Bomb, Cherry Bomb That Is…

We don’t really want no one dropping bombs around here, or even the mention of one being dropped. Except now that is, the bomb we have all be waiting for Backcountry Brewing to drop, now has! I’m Your Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb 5.5%, a cherry bakewell sour. Think almond tart loaded with cherry puree but in beer […]

Fieldhouse Brewing Takes Us To The Forest

Any given day on the West Coast it’s fun to take a walk in the woods. Do a little bird watching, smell the fresh pine trees as the winds whips through their tops. But it’s on the rainy days that we might just stay in, so why not have a tasty beer while you’re at […]

3 Fonteinen – Oude Geuze Golden

3 really is the magic number, especially when a brewery has it in it’s name. Oude Geuze Golden Blend is more of what we love now in a 750ml format from Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen out of Belgium. Although if you think about their brewing process this could be a new beer. As no 2 bottles […]

Customer Picks – Jeramie

We are doing a new feature Customer Picks. And first up is: Jeramie is a Chef and these are his picks: I’m always excited to try new ingredients and dishes. So it makes sense that I’m always going for seasonals, collabs and limited releases. That being said I often just want a solid, no frills […]