Slow Hand Brewing Wants Your Taste Buds to Pucker Up

Slow Hand Brewing just dropped another limited release. Hold onto your hats,they did a sour. Hull Melon Sour a dry hopped kettle sour 5%. Guava notes on the nose followed by juicy cantaloupe, underripe strawberry and sour patch kid like notes on the tongue. Grab it while it lasts, cheers!

Bridge Brewing has Santa’s Sac in the Sleigh Booster

Christmas is coming, which we all know and some could care less. But that also means breweries are starting to release their festive holiday brews. First up in store is Bridge Brewing with these two extra strong ones: Santa’s Sac – Golden Strong Ale 10% Sleigh Booster – Imperial Red Ale 9%

Field House Brewing goes to the Park with some Ravens

Craft beer always brings friends together, even friends at other breweries. And when those friends brew together it’s even better. Field House Brewing recently came out with 2 collaborations with some friends you might have heard of North American Imperial Sour 7% collab with Parkside Brewing Imperial Gewurztraminer Gose 6.7% collab with Ravens Brewing

Neighbourhood Brewing – Welcome to The Family

We are all about supporting our neighbourhood. And when it’s craft beer distance doesn’t matter. Please welcome Neighbourhood Brewing from Penticton to our line up. We have 4 of their beers to choose from: Pursuit of Happiness – Pilsner 4.9% Way of Life – Hazy IPA 6.9% Passion Project – Passion Fruit Wheat Ale 5.3% […]

Backcountry Brewing – Barrel Aged the Filthy Animal

When you get to a certain age counting out your shrapnel to pay for anything isn’t fun, but ya gotta use it at some point. And we have just the beer to spend that change on. It’s a limited release from Backcountry Brewing. They Barrel Aged Keep The Change Ya Filthy Animal 9% Imperial Stout. […]

Siempre Tequila – Plata (silver)

Take a siesta and pour yourself a drink to sip while you sit back relax. How about some Siempre Plata 40% tequila. A combination of Highland and Lowland Blue Agave. Slow baked then milled, the juices are open air fermented and twice distilled. Giving you the purest form of Siempre Tequila. Cheers!

Bridge Brewing – Passion Project Making Hay!

Fall might be here with winter nipping at its heels as we are counting down the days till Christmas. But Bridge Brewing is doing their best to keep summer around as long as possible. With these 2 releases that are just oozing summer vibes. First up is Passion Project a Passion Fruit White IPA 6.8%. […]

Two Brewers Whisky – Double Release

Two brewers from the Yukon who decided to apply their brewing smarts towards making whiskies.  They strive to make sure nothing is ever repeated so each release is different from that last. That being said we recently got Releases 15 & 16 in from them Release No.16 = Classic 43% – a palate teasing clash […]

BC Beer Awards – Staff Attendees

Little late with our post about the BC Beer Awards. Not easy finding a spot when there are so many new tasty drinks coming in weekly. But better late that not posting we would say. For those who have been living under a rock October is Craft Beer month here in BC. It’s also when […]

Twins Sails Brewing – Keeps Bringing the Boys to The Yard

Their milkshakes bring us all to brewery or store in our case. Can always count on Twin Sails Brewing to keep us wanting their fruit filled milkshake IPA’s. Two Straws Milkshake IPA with Peach 6.4%, is a returning favourite. This go around it was brewed with copious amounts of peach puree. Then dry hopped with […]