Great Notion Goes Team Zissou

Who is up for a very cool trip?, next stop is the beautiful Island of Malibu. And we assure you it’s completely safe in here. We even have cans of Great Notion Brewing’s Are We Safe In Here? to enjoy on this trip in the blue sea. It’s a Double Dry Hopped IPA 6.8%, a […]

Tempest Brewing Is Tempting Us Again With A Trio of Stouts

There is a chill in the air and the leaves are changing. That means it’s almost full on Stout Weather. Who are we kidding it is always stout weather but they are best enjoyed during the colder seasons. Tempest Brewing is back with a trio of stouts for you the have now or age for […]

Dageraad Brewing Embraces The Randomness

In life there are certain things we do to avoid entropy. And then there is Dageraad Brewing, who embraces entropy with their Entropy Series. Just got No.20 & 21 in. Which of these barrel aged bottles of chaos will you enjoy first? Cheers! No.20 Biere de Coupage – Blended Barrel Aged Beer 7.1%, blend of […]

A Quartet of Value Whites

We’ve added to our value whites section, come tickle your taste buds when you are on a budget. Cheers! Esprit Ciel Rose 2020 12.5%, Rich and smooth with aromas of cherries toffee and floral. JP. Chenet – Sauvignon Blanc 11%, aromas of citrus, lemon and pomelo. Domaine de Pellehaut – Harmonie de Gascogne 2018 11.5%, […]

Let’s Collaborate = Field House Brewing & Blindman Brewing

The only time you want to be blind in a field is with this collab. From Field House Brewing & Blindman Brewing we have an IPA mixer. 2X Hazy IPA 7% fruity & juicy w/Kviek yeast 2X Weat Coast IPA 7% an old school west coast IPA that’s a little darker with a bit more […]

Get Fruity With Great Notion Brewing

The rain has come, so let these 2 drops from Great Notion keep the feeling of summer alive through your taste buds. Cheers! Ramble On Rose – Tart Ale w/Raspberry and Rose Flavour 6.6% Aguas Frescas – Tart Ale w/Strawberry, Hibiscus, and Watermelon Flavour 6%

Twin Sails Is Throwing A Chard Party

Here’s your chance, have to go to a small friends gathering. And they are all drinking wine but you want to bring beer. Take along Twin Sails Brewing’s latest limited release. Chardy Party 5.6, a dry hopped saison with chardonnay must. Crack open and pour into that wine glass and expect aromas of spice, crisp […]

How Fabulous Backcountry Brewing

Ever been totally clueless to what’s in when it comes to fashion? It’s much easier to keep up with beer releases and just be that fashion victim looking like a farmer. Do You Prefer Fashion Victim or Ensembly Challenged? Is the latest drop from Backcountry Brewing. A Apricot, Guava, Tangerine Sour at 5.5%. Can’t make […]

Strange Fellows Brewing Stays True To Heart

We are all greenhorns at some point. Heck some of us might still be a greenhorn when it comes to craft beer. But that shouldn’t stop you from going wild. Newest from Strange Fellows Brewing’s 2021 Foudre Series we have Greenhorn. A Dry Hopped Wild Ale at an easy 5.6%, tart and hoppy with nice […]

It’s Cool Twin Sails Brewing Goes Cold

Please remain calm, stay cool we got this. Twin Sails Brewing is here with a new West Coast style IPA. Stay Cool is a cold IPA 5.9%, brewed with Chinook, Columbus and Simcoe hops. Along with a healthy dry hop and an added addition of Simcoe Cryo Powder. Result is an IPA that’s bright and […]