Kevin – Staff Picks

Where once I saw a blandness, now I see a bright star in the beer galaxy. Pillies, crispi-bois, Vitamin P, or even dad beers. Whatever you call them, let Pilsners be your guiding light. Like it dry and snappy? Simple Things from Steel and Oak Brewing will lead you there. Pilsner Urquell takes you to […]

Yellow Dog Brewing – Let’s Take a Moment

Like sands through an hour glass, so are the beers of our lives. So many to choose from and not enough time for them all. Yellow Dog Brewing has added to that list with a Moment In Time ( 6.3%). A dry hopped tart saison aged in oak barrels for over a year. Can expect […]

Como Taperia – Spain inspired tapas bar & restaurant

We love the many local businesses in the Mount Pleasant area. So much so we will be doing a monthly neighbourhood spotlight. First up is Como Taperia, a tapas bar & restaurant. Inspired by the standing room only tapas bars in Barcelona. Happy Hour 4-5 pm everyday with a selection of Spanish beers along with […]

Dead Frog Brewing – Zombies in Your Head

There’s a chill in the air letting us know that Halloween is right around the corner and for us Canadians that means Thanksgiving as well. Dead Frog Brewing’s Zombie Zombie Zombie Cranberry Kettle Sour(5.7%) is a beer for both occasions. Pours blood red, crisp malt with a tart finish and a fresh burst of Fraser […]

Bearface Whisky – 1/11 Series

For you Don Drapers out there still looking for a unicorn in the wild. The One Eleven Series (42.5%)from Bearface could be it. 10 parts Bearface Whisky mixed with 1 part Agave Espadin from Oaxaca, Mexico. Nice blend of the floral notes to start from the whisky and the smoky earthy finish from the agave. […]

Andina Brewing – Jalea

Safe to say that Fall is here on the West Coast. But hey if you’re not ready to admit that Andina Brewing’s Jalea, a Guava Saison (6.4%) might be the brew for you. Can expect hints of pear, strawberry, guava and spicy notes you look for in a saison. It’s nice and smooth with champagne […]

Bridge Brewing – Fresh Hop

Get em while they’re fresh, hops that is. Fresh hop season is upon us and Bridge Brewing has given us something new to try. A Fresh Hop Kveik Farmhouse Ale (5.5%)brewed with Cascade and Willamette hops. Can expect notes of honey and biscuit as well as tropical fruit notes. Cheers!

Yellow Dog Brewing – Gone Wild

These days it’s not kosher to cage wild animals. That is precisely why Yellow Dog Brewing canned theirs. The latest catch from them is a Wild Golden IPA called Ferocious(7.5%). The kept it wild with a Wild yeast to add enough funk to go along with the tropical notes. Crack open this can and take […]

Dageraad Brewing – Beer and Science

If you were ever in doubt that the world of beer and the world of science paired well together. Well come grab Dageraad Brewings newest release. Their NEIPA, Best Of All Possible Worlds IPA(6.5%). The science part in this beer is a special enzyme they added that biotransforms compounds in the hops. So the molecules […]

Field House Brewing – Whisky Sour Ale

When beers are inspired by something else we enjoy you know it’s going to be good. Take Field House Brewing’s Whisky Sour Ale(6.5%) for example. Got inspiration from one of their favourite cocktails,any guesses which one. Soured with an in house Lacto and aged on lime zest and American Oak (that was infused with Whisky […]