Twin Sails – Death Blow Single & Double Barrel

If you’ve ever stared Death in the face, you know he was sipping a barley wine while deciding whether to reap your ass. Taunt the end with Death Blow, single and double barrel aged barley wines from Twin Sails. A Single Death Blow aged for 12 months in Four Roses bourbon barrels, and sports notes […]

Collective Arts – Helles

New from Collective Arts, a crisp, clean lager to get you in the mood for the weekend! With a flavourful, malty backbone, I’d walk backwards into helles just for a sip. Cheers!

Collective Arts X Four Winds – Herr Pils the IV

MFW I’m trying to enjoy my crisp, german style pilsner and then I see the squirrels are back in my yard.   From Collective Arts and Four Winds, a pilsner brewed in the southern German style for a crisp, tasty brew. The second half of the collab brews between these two top dogs of craft, […]

Brekeriet – Alpha Beta

A is for an absolutely delish new wild ale from Brekeriet Beer! B is for bring me more! This new brew is letting its hair down with passionfruit, beetroot, lime an vanilla! Think pink, but like, super refreshing and just as fabulous. Cheers!

Strange Fellows – Lord Barelycorn

  Put on your top hats and dancing shoes, time to party like prohibition starts tomorrow! Have a pint with Lord Barleycorn, the most sophisticated bourbon barrel lager this side of the Fraser! This pre-prohibition style lager has a balance of bitter and peat, using  both corn and barley. Marvelous! What will those Strange Fellows […]

Superflux – Double Infinity (Vic Secret)

Maybe she’s brewed with it, maybe it’s Vic Secret. Tired of the gym? Get flexin’ with Supeflux instead! Big, beautiful double IPA with hits of pineapple and passion fruit from the hop down under! Cheers!

Bridge – Finnish First

Take a sip of history with this Sahti-style raw ale from Bridge Brewing! An ode to Finland’s traditional farmhouse ale, look for notes of juniper. Fun Fact, the juniper taste alludes to the original practice of filtering the mash through juniper twigs or straw. This brew style is fairly uncommon in the modern day, so […]

Collective Arts – Origin of Darkness

Hey, who turned out the lights? New from Collective Arts, two late additions to the Origins of Darkness series! One in collaboration with Wild Beer Co., a barrel aged stout with white miso. The other with Brewski, sporting strawberry and lemon balm in the barrel aged stout. Close your eyes and grab a few bottle, […]

Dead Frog – Winter IPA

Hitting the slopes to check out that beautiful powder? Grab a post-mountain brewski with a color to match! This snow white IPA from Dead Frog is the perfect juicy treat to take a load off with. Citrus and pine notes give it a festive spin and a taste that’ll have you wishing summer will never […]

Parallel 49 – Crown Jewels, Russian Imperial & Old Fashioned

Listen up fives, a ten is pouring! Three new bottles from Parallel 49 that are absolute beauts! Looks like January’s theme is Rye spectacular! Each of these very different brews are three beers in a barrel, a Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey barrel that is! With the spicy rye sour Old Fashion, notes of orange peel, […]