Bridge – Rye & Ginger Amber

If it is at all like it seems to be, this intriguing brew from Bridge Brewing should be intense! Rye and ginger are both known for hints of spice character. 3 different types of ginger went into the making of this: ground, fresh and candied. Lovers of ginger, this might just be THE beer for […]

Delicious Old World Reds

Some fun, new, old world reds for you to try. There is a Chateau Rouselle Bordeaux, A 2000 vintage of Caves São João Reserva, and an Italian Li Veli Passamente.

Thor’s Hammer Gift Pack

Does barrel ageing beer make it better? We can argue until the cows come home or you could just try this gift pack from Central City and make up you own mind. It contains two versions of Thor’s Hammer. One being bourbon barrel aged and the other bottle conditioned.

Salt Spring Ginger Root

Looking for something that brings some spice to your life? There is always this ginger root cider from Salt Spring Wild Cider. The ginger brings some earthy root like notes to the bright cider and helps it in the finish with a hint of spice.

Bitterhouse Aperitifs

Looking to round out your home bar with some liquor that will really step up your cocktail game? These bottles from Bitterhouse Aperitifs are just perfect for that! The “Ladame” is on the sweeter end of the range due to the addition of bittersweet orange. Makes a great spritz (white wine and soda or sparkling […]

Phillips – Missile Toad

Kings of the beer name pun game, Phillips Brewing delivers another zinger with this imperial IPA. It is loaded with Australian Ella hops for a big, fruit forward bitterness that will keep you wanting to return to it sip after sip. TOAD-ally awesome!

R&B – Ursos Arctos

Name after the Eurasian Brown Bear, this beer from R&B Brewing is serious stuff! It is full bodied, with rich malt flavors. Has characteristics reminiscent of toasted marshmellow, dark chocolate, coffee, and molasses. This will make a wonderful Christmas present and will pair well with any big and rich, meaty Christmas dinner.

Time Estate Sundial

Time Estate Winery has delivered us a new BC white for you to enjoy. It is a French varietal blend of Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Cold fermented in stainless steel to retain the natural fruit character of the grapes. On the nose you will get melon, peach and citrus. On the palate think […]

Granville Island – Mocha Porter

Granville Island Brewing has released a tasty new dark porter made with JJ Bean coffee and cocoa nibs. A little bit of roasty bitterness and a bit of chocolatey richness all finished with a hint of caramel. Nice and cozy!

Beran Zinfandel

Here is a wine to sink your teeth into. Big and juicy with an interesting hint of woodsy and smokey character. This is a good pairing with all sorts of hearty fare.