Ridgerunner Gets Lagered

It’s not a sour but it’s still a limited release. Backcountry Brewing took their Pilsner and did some fancy beer things to it. Which included Oak Barrels and something called Krausened. The result is Barrel Lagered Ridgerunner 5%, a crisp and complex beer. Cheers!

This Beer Screams Pizza Night

If ever there was a beer to pair with pizza this would be it. Pinata Pineapple Hot Pepper IPA 6% from Andina Brewing. Full of Pineapple hoppy notes and a little heat. Now to order pizza…and the age old question, does pineapple belong on pizza? Cheers!

It’s Almost Dad’s Day…Hope You Didn’t Forget!

With us all getting used to the “new normal”, I’m sure some of you had forgotten about Father’s Day. It’s right around the corner and you still have time to get him something. We asked some of our staff what they would get their dad, here are some of their picks. We of course have […]

The New Normal

If you didn’t already know we are back to our regular hours 11am – 11pm. And yes we are still only allowing 4 customers in the store at a time. No group shopping, even if you are a couple or from the same house. Only solo shopping so we can have the line up outside […]

Yellow Dog Brewing Has A Fresh Fade For Their Play Date

Feeling a little exhausted after a day at the dog park with your doggo. Time to chillax in the back yard with a cold beer maybe. Yellow Dog Brewing has 2 new release that might wet your whistle. Play Date – White Sour with Peaches 5.4% Faded – White IPA 6.6%

Even Lone Wolves Like Their Persephone Brewing Stouts

Drink your beer and watch the garden. That would be Persephone Brewing’s newest Nitro Breakfast Stout 6%. A hearty stout infused with Lone Wolf’s “Best Case Scenario” Espresso. partial proceeds going to One Straw Society. Hard pour it into your coffee mug and enjoy while daydreaming about how you want your garden to grow. Cheers!

Red Light Green Light

Store update, we have installed a Red Light/Green Light to use during the days we don’t have someone on door. It’s as simple as when you see the GREEN light you can come in. And when you see the RED light please wait outside. We are still going with 4 customers in the store at […]

Backcountry Brewing Is At It Again

Another week has come and gone. And another limited release from Backcountry Brewing is here. The Floor Is Guava – Guava Sour 5.5% Maple Bay Pale Ale – Hazy Pale Ale 5.5%

psssst…hey you! want in on a little secret?

You know if you come shop earlier in the afternoon, you’ll totally avoid the line up! And yes we are still doing only card sales, max.4 customers at a time in the store, and please NO grouping while shopping. Even if you end up in the line up you won’t be in it long. And […]

Store Hours Update

Letting you all know that as of May 1st our store hours will be 11am-10pm. And yes we will still be limiting the number of customers in at a time. So come early to avoid the possibility of a line-up. Cheers! And thank you for the continuing support. Monday 11 – 10 Tuesday 11- 10 […]