Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey – Who Knew Rye Was A Spicy Grain

You know when you think of a certain place a smell or taste sometimes comes from your memory. Well if you ever wanted to know what this little part of Ireland tastes like. Grab a bottle of this Small Batch Rye 43% from Kilbeggan Distillery. This whiskey was double distilled in copper pots. One of […]

The BX Press is Plum Crazy This Winter

Something for all the seasons, that’s what you get from The BX Press Botanical Series. Vanilla Plum 7.2%, is their winter release. A dry cider brewed from estate grown apples and infused with complimentary botanicals of each season. For the winter release they used whole-pod vanilla and Vernon grown sweet plums. Result is a  cider […]

Central City Has The Spirit

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Central City Brewery is also a Distillery. And we have 2 new ones from them: Terra – Dry Vermouth16.5%, made from natural ingredients that are infused in a fortified apple cider. Lohin McKinnon – Lightly Peated Single Malt Whisky 43%, a Canadian take on this Scottish style […]

Ghostfish Brewing + The Mountaineers = Kick Step

When you finish a hike these days you usually celebrate with a good beer while taking in the view. How about enjoying a beer where partial proceeds benefits The Mountaineers? Kick Step IPA (gluten free)5.5% from Ghostfish Brewing is that beer. Just remember what you pack in you pack out. Cheers!

Knob Creek – Double Time

When something is so rare or if ever seen you want to enjoy in slowly. Knob Creek Twice Barreled Rye (100 proof/50%) is such a rarity. A rye whiskey with oak and rye with sweet sugar scents on the nose. Layers of rye spice, smoky oak, vanilla and white pepper on the palate. This whiskey […]

33 Exp. Gives Us Toffee and Funk

There’s something for everybody, 33 Brewing Experiment 750ml releases that is. The latest from them being Biere de Garde 7% dry with notes of toffee and oak. And London Porter w/Brett 6.5% pours nice dark funk with notes of cacao. Which will you choose? Cheers!

Bellwoods Brewing’s White Picket Fence

2.5 children, a dog, a garden, and peaceful living is what a white picket fence used to mean. In some aspects it still does today, but you would definitely have to throw some good beer with the up to date definition.  One of those beers would be White Picket Fence from Bellwoods Brewing 5.7%. A […]

Twin Sails Brewing is Making Us Thirsty

Some nights we want to get together with a few friends, all the bad foods and a good movie or 2 and maybe even some beer. Here’s a beer for you from Twin Sails Brewing where you can just skip getting all those munchies. These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty, a Chocolate Peanut Pretzel Marshmallow […]

Cirka Distillery is Quebec’s Terroir

Recently added to our selection of Canadian spirits is Cirka Distillery. With a raison d’etre to give us spirits that are an expression of where they live. High quality grains, pristine waters and aromatic botanicals from the Northern Boreal  Forest.   Terroir Vodka 40% – distilled using Quebec corn, resulting in a velvet texture with […]

4 more 4 packs For you!

Never a dull moment around here, always something fun and new coming in. Here are 4 more 4 packs for you to try. Peach Cobbler Dessert Sour 5.2% Twin Sails Brewing Anvil Imperial Stout 9.2% Steel & Oak Brewing Ode To Wallflower Pale Ale 6.2% Powell Brewery, Ode To Citra Pale Ale was aged in […]