Tofino Brewing – Reaches The 4th Dimension

  Well not exactly cause has anyone travelled in time yet? But what they did do is get a nice 4 pack into a cube box with their latest release. Dimension Ascension, a dry hopped pale ale 5.5%. Can expect a hop forward beer that’s bright and hoppy with citrus notes. Now lets see if […]

Modern Times – Fruitlands

Get with the times, the times that include sours. And one of those sours would be Modern Times Beer’s Fruitlands. A Gose 4.8%, tropical fruit sour notes of passion fruit and guava. These are the times we live in, cheers!

Temporal Artisan Ales – Newest Quintet

If you haven’t yet heard of Temporal Artisan Ales, they are like their website says “A blending and brewing project dedicated to fermentation in oak”. And we have a lovely quintet of new ales in from them: Ruby Continuum – blend of barrel aged beers w/raspberries and tayberries 6% Current Intensity – blend of barrel […]

Twin Sails Brewing – 4th Anniversary Beers

You must have been living under a rock if you didn’t know it was Twin Sails Brewings 4th Anniversary a couple weekends ago. Don’t fret if you missed it and get get you to Port Moody to get your hands on some of the beers they released for the special occasion. We got in 6 […]

Yellow Dog Brewing – Runs Free

There’s nothing like letting your dog off the lead and letting him/her run free. One would say that’s how a brewery feels when they do their spin on a classic cocktail. Yellow Dog Brewing did that with their Run Free, Rye and Ginger Beer 5.7%. A nice light ale with a crisp body and zest […]

Field House + Twin Sails Brewing Discover A New World

Who knew breweries could discover new worlds, because it looks like Field House Brewing and Twin Sails Brewing sure did. They brought it back for us to try, New World Saison 6.5% fermented with Spooky Saison Yeast and dry hopped with with a nice mix of hops to give you citrus and tropical notes. Cheers!

Do You Know Your ABC’s?

We would like to welcome Another Beer Company(ABC) to our line up of local craft beer. We have 3 beers from then, all available as single tall cans: Poolside Hefe – Bavarian Hefeweizen 5% Wrench Pilot – India Pale Kolsch 4.8% Dunder Beist – Norwegian Farmhouse IPA 5.75%

Backcountry Brewing – Knows The Owner

“Yeah so I know Ted or Ed the owner!”, “Yeah I can show you a photo of him and I in it”. That’s awesome and all but you still have to pay for the beer. Backcountry Brewing’s latest limited release – Oh, So You Know The Owner(6.5%). A West Coast IPA dry hopped with South […]

Late Harvest Wines

There’s no such thing as too late to harvest. The grapes will go on to become Late Harvest wine, not Ice Wine but still sweet. We have: Fort Berens Late Harvest Muscat 7.5% Errazuriz Wines Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 12%

Steamworks Brewing – 7,000 Shots of Espresso

Running low on steam?, we have just the pick me up for you. Espresso Stout 6% from Steamworks Brewing. Forget your specialty coffee drinks. This stout gives you slight caramel sweetness with that distinct flavour of fresh pulled espresso. Cheers!