Boombox – Full Limit

Road trip anybody? New from Boombox, celebrating three fantastic years , Full Limit is coming in hazy and tasty! So throw a four pack or six into the trunk and take off to push your night to the limit. Cheers!

R&B – Lavender Saison

Feeling like the Summer of Love? Then you’re gonna love R&B’s Lavender Saison! Make yourself a flower clown, throw on some fringe and head out into nature, sunbeam. French and Belgian yeast hold hands in peace with locally grown french lavender. Floral with a hint of spice, it’s out of this world. ☮️

Driftwood – Mad Bruin

Do you hear the call of the wild? Does it drive you mad?? Are there scratches on your walls, dirt on your feet and the taste of rabbit on your tongue? Well wash it down with this BEAST of the past from Driftwood! Last brewed in 2012, Mad Bruin is gonna make you crazy with […]

The BX Press – Ginny

Are you a rough around the edges gold miner looking for a wholesome time? Or just looking for an excellent cider with a beautiful bouquet of botanicals? Look no further than Ginny, new from The BX Press! This Hurdy-Gurdy dancer is a little quirky little cider, with gin botanicals rounding out this small-batch release. Cheers!

Loud Mouth – Lazer Kittyz

Here’s a beer that’s perfect for right meow! New from Loud Mouth Brewing, a hazy, juicy 3x IPA exploding onto our shelves! Lazer Kittyz uses Huell Melon hops for a tropical adventure through the space-time continuum. So tasty it’ll please even the pickiest intergalactic kitty overlord. Cheers! 

Steel & Oak – Hide Away

The world is a crazy place right now, isn’t it nice sometimes to get away from it all? New from Steel & Oak, a beer that you can Hide Away with! This IPA is packed with tropical good times, smiles and a feeling that everything is gonna be okay. Just be careful, effects are only […]

Dageraad – Murder City

Looking for a killer brew? Flock on down to stare you beady, dead eyes at this new collab from Dageraad and 2 Crows Brewing! A Norwegian farmhouse session ale with Citra and Motueka hops, lightweight and fruity. The perfect thing to crush before moving the body- I mean, before taking a look at Burnaby’s amazing […]

Brewhall – Mighty Morphin Sour Rangers

They’ve got a sour and a dry-hopping that you’ve never seen before. No one can ever take them down The power to brew lies on their siiiide! Go Go Sour Rangers Go Go Sour Rangers Go Go Sour Rangers Mighty Morphin’ Sour Rangers! Brewhall.

Loud Mouth – Vienna Lager

Feeling a little hot under the collar? Crack open this big talking, smooth drinking Vienna Lager from Loud Mouth Brewing Co.! With a balance of dark, malty notes and light lager body, it’s perfect for spicy food and BBQ. Cheers!