Blood Brothers – Paradise Lost

We all have a version of what paradise is from a young age and it usually gets lost as we get older. But we might find it in our thoughts when we have that kind of beer that gets those creative juices flowing. Blood Brothers Brewing has done that with their Paradise Lost. A sour […]

Field House – Farmland #5

It’s that time of year all the local orchards are busting with fresh fruit. So when you’re a brewery with your own orchard you of course add it to a beer. The latest from Field House Brewings , 5th in the Farmland series is an Orchard Saison (6%).  No other saison could be anymore Fraser […]

Phillips Brewing – Trio

Happy Anniversary Phillips Brewing, cheers to 18 Years brewing tasty brews. We just got not one but 3 new beers in from them: Glitter Bomb – Hazy Pale Ale 5%, expect notes of citrus and juicy fruit. Black Currant – Wheat Ale 5%, medium body that finishes dry and crisp(replacing Dino Sour for the season) […]

Strathcone X Superflux = Brett IPA

The kind of collaboration that doesn’t need a name. Just gotta name the breweries doing the collab and you know it’s a gooder. Strathcona Beer Co. and Supperflux Beer got together again. This go around they went and did a tart Brett IPA(7.8%) aged in Oak Barrels for 2 months. Def worth trying as this […]

33 Acres Exp. – one sweet & sour and one strong

Now you have choices, depending on what your taste buds are feeling. 33 Brewing Experiment has you and your taste buds covered. Feeling like something strong?, how about Foeder Maibock 6%. Or if you’re feeling like something sweet & sour, there’s their Lingonberry Session Saison 4.4%. Cheers!

Backcountry Brewing – Stein Grabb

It’s almost October and you know what that means? And no not Halloween. OCTOBERFEST, so grab your lederhosen or dirndl dress and Backcountry Brewings Operation Stein Grabb(5%). A fest lager that is everything you want, malty and German. And you know there will be some schuhplatter going on. So get your dancing schuhe ready for […]

Faculty Brewing – Shower Beer

There’s one thing that makes shower time the very best time of the day. And do you know what that is? A shower beer of course. If you  haven’t have a shower with a can of beer in your shampoo rack on perched on you soap holder, than you haven’t lived. If you’re having trouble […]

Superflux + Dageraad + Superaad

This is more of a friends collab than just 2 breweries collaborating. Dageraad Brewing asked and Superflux answered. The outcome was Superaad, a can conditioned dry hopped Farmhouse IPA(6.5). A brew that gives us Superflux’s  love for hops and Dageraad’s appreciation for dry saisons. A beer that starts off floral and finishes dry. It would […]

Glendalough – Wild Botanical

Glendalough Distillery, a distillery we all know and love for it’s whiskeys goes and gets a little wild. Wild as in they have gone and made a Wild Botanical Gin(41%). Hand crafted using wild botanical’s foraged for in the mountains around the distillery. Expect notes of juniper, citrus and pine. Flavours of nectarous flowers of […]

Bridge Brewing – 604

Hey just because the rain is here, doesn’t mean that summer is over yet. Don’t believe us dial up Bridge Brewings 1-604-Hop-Lime -Bling 6% a lime milkshake IPA. That creamy mouth feel you’d expect from a milkshake IPA and finishes limey tart. And no there will be no song referencing in this post. Cheers!