Neighbourhood Brewing Has Us Feeling Hazyish

These days we seem to be all bout hybrids. Anything from plants, animals, and cars. Now we can add beer to that list with Neighbourhood Brewing’s newest release. Hazish is a Hybrid IPA 7%, born of not being able to decide what style to brew. So they brewed a beer that’s a cross between a […]

Little Star Gazing With Moon Under Water Brewing

The best time to star gaze are on dark winter nights when there isn’t a cloud in the sky. And of course the one constellation we all know is the Big Dipper. Celebrate so Canadian history with Moon Under Water Brewing’s latest bomber release. Plaskett’s Big D.I.P.A 8%, brewed with centennial and comet hops. Resulting […]

A Tale Of Two Brewers – Release 23

With release 23 from Two Brewers Whisky , it’s like each wanted to try a different finish. Nice light peat ties perfectly with the subtle fruit notes from the Sherry barrels. And the Port barrel oak notes. Talk about special finishes with caramel notes upfront. Moving to astringent peat and sweet fruit. Finishing with a […]

The Hospitality of House of Funk Brewing

Please welcome our guest from the dark Slavic forest. The always hospitable Radegast, a Double Sour IPA 8%. Vol.#1 in House Of Funk Brewing’s rotating double sour IPA series. Brewed with Citra + Mosaic + Simcoe hops and blended with a foeder aged sour. Result is a tart beer with piney and fruity notes. Cheers!

Backcountry Brewing – Even Muggles Like Beer

This is definitely a time where you don’t want mere muggles to bring you down. And there are all kinds of courage to get us through this new normal. Perfect time for Backcountry Brewing to reRelease Don’t Let The Muggles Get You Down. A Citra IPA 6 3/4%, last time it was with Galaxy hops.  […]

The Bubs From Okanagan Crush Pad

New Years may have passed but that doesn’t mean enjoying a nice bottle of bubbly has too. Haywire from Okanagan Crush Pad is here with 2 new Bubs to enjoy. Cheers! 2018 Pink Bub 12% – hints of wild strawberry and a touch of sweetness 2016 The Bub 11.5% – bottle fermented and aged using […]

House Of Funk Brewing Has Bite

Rainy days and dark nights are when those that bite come out. We were able to catch a pack of Fatalis while they were roaming the woods. A Ginger & Turmeric Sour 4.7% from House of Funk Brewing. An acidic sour with nice ginger and herbaceous notes. Come grab some while you can, cause we’re […]

The Cherry On Top – Sunday Cider

Looking for a new way to have your coffee?, ever heard of the Cascara Cherry? Well Sunday Cider is here with their best in snow Cheery Cascara Cider 6.4%. A cider cold soaked with cascara for 14 days and finished with fresh black cherry juice. Result is a cider that’s complex and refreshing with notes […]

The Italian Job – Field House Brewing and Steel & Oak Brewing

What happens when you put a brewery that loves dry hopping beers and a brewery that likes laggering? Well you get a collab between Field House Brewing and Steel & Oak. Italian Pils 5.2%, brewed with traditional lager hops and Eraclea Pilsner malt. Then dry hopped with new European Hops Calista and Ariana. Result is […]

Ile Sauvage Brewing Gives Back With Tasty

Ile Sauvage Brewing is known for their wild ales and sour beers. But they took the hoppy route to pay tribute to Mike “Tasty” McDole. Tasty is a Hoppy Brown Ale 6.5%, their version of his famous Brown IPA recipe. Partial proceeds of this brew will be going to BC Cancer Foundation. We also got […]