33 EXP – Black Oat Ale, Cranberry Saison, DDH IPL

Stuck in a rut? Shake things up with some experimentally delicious brews from 33 EXP! The Mandarina Bavaria IPL is bursting with tangerine while keeping it crisp. Thinking pink? Check out the Cranberry Saison, tart with a rose quality! Feeling the winter chill? Grab the Black Oat Ale, all the dark, smooth notes while keeping […]

Strathcona – Love Buzz

Love it or hate it, love is on your front lawn with four pack of this new sour from Strathcona Brewing desperately trying to win you back! Love Buzz: Cherry Edition is the perfect accompaniment to your plans tonight. Don’t believe in love at first sight? Check out this brew and more tomorrow (Feb 15th) […]

Bellwoods – Barn Owl No.16

Looking for a hooting good beer? New from Bellwoods, Barn Owl No.16 is a special little bottle full of surprises. Bellwoods many Barn Owl blends are special one-off barrel blend experiences. This particular ale uses unblended 2018 Motley, for an ode to acidity and complexity.  Cheers!

Field House – Breakfast Stout

Kick off your snow boots and relax! New from Field House and Smoking Gun, a beer for the most important meal of the day! This Breakfast Stout has a smooth, creamy coffee note from cold pressed Organic La Labor Ocotepeque beans. With Ecuadorian cacao, it’s the perfect stout to get you started! Cheers!

Driftwood – Singularity 2019

Snow? What snow? We can barely see from the density of the S I N G U L A R I T Y From Driftwood, two bottles per customer. Cheers from an impossibly dense point of space-time!

Boombox – Laser Illusions

⚡👽 R E S I S T A N C E  I S  F U T I L E 👽⚡ As hazy as your memory post close encounter, crack into L A S E R  I L L U S I O N S An exciting new release from Boombox , this balanced NE IPA […]

Main Street – Plum Porter

Work week make you feel like you’re going barking mad? Break up the monotony with a pleasing porter of the plum persuasion. New in store from Main Street, Barking Mad Plum Porter has perched on our shelves for your perusal. Look for notes of chocolate, vanilla and fabulous fruit. Cheers!

Salt Spring Wild – Black Currant Akvavit

A currant favourite in store, Salt Spring Wild’s Black Currant Akvavit Cider! Using Akvavit from neighboring Sheringham Distillery, and local and organic apples and currants. A bouquet of botanicals with earthy currant undertones, every sip is a hint of the island life. Cheers!

Steel & Oak – Inline

Feeling nostalgic? Well strap on your blades and hop back to the past with Inline IPA! New from Steel & Oak, a bangin’ west coast IPA that’s as crisp and clear as that cold blue sky. If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, you won’t want to miss this rad brew my dude. Cheers!

Superflux x Collective Arts – Untitled

Does a craft beer by any other name taste as poppin’? New from Superflux and Collective Arts, a beer has no name. This wheat-based IPA has orange zest and coriander with some extra aromatic dry-hopping. Take a sip and let us know what you would call this brew! Cheers!