Twa Dogs – Seas Between Us

This Red IPA from Victoria Caledonian has a solid malt backbone and good hop bitterness. Something to really sink your teeth into. Great for staring at the ocean on a grey day or reading poetry by candlelight.

Mr Boucherie – Gamay Noir

Sometimes the same good wine comes with a fresh new look! That is exactly the case with the Mt. Boucherie Gamay Noir. On the lighter side for a red, it sure does not lack in flavour however. A whole lot of youthful fruit character shines through along with a finish of vanilla and soft tannins.

Strange Fellows – Strange Bedfellows

Next time you run into your doppelganger or long last twin, why not celebrate the uncanny resemblance with a beer? Strange Fellows has just the brew for that. It is a wild fermented saison that is loaded with bright and fruity notes yet finishes on the dry side. Cheers!

R&B – Dude Chilling Pale Ale

We now have R&B‘s super crushable pale ale in everyone’s favourite format: tall can 4-packs! Take these over to your favourite park and recline in the grass like you’re a work of art or something.

Brekeriet – Sour & Salt

Brekeriet‘s newest release is a pretty classic gose. Brewed with coriander and a little bit of salt, this lacto fermented wheat ale is tart and refreshing.

33 Acres – Echo ISA

Dip just the tip of your finger in summer with 33 Acres of Echo. This India Session Ale is super easy drinking, with notes of pine, tropical fruit and citrus peel.

Four Winds – Sour Weisse

The beer of summer is back with a new name! Four Winds‘ Sour Weisse (formerly Berliner Weisse) is the lemony, crushable, tart wheat ale we know and love.

Unibroue – À tout le monde

À tout le monde, the new beer from Quebec’s Unibroue truly is for everyone, regardless of their musical proclivities. This dry-hopped Belgian saison is citrussy and clean, with a crisp, dry finish. At 4.5% ABV, it is nice and sessionable, just like the band that inspired it.

New Burdock Brewery Beers

Some new funky beauties by the way of Toronto have just arrived! Burdock Brewery is still fairly new but is already making quite the name for themselves. All these beers are different takes on the farmhouse style. “Noom Noom” is a imperial dark saison aged in Cognac barrels for 13 months and fruited with sour […]

Phillips – Scythe Matters

There are hefeweizens and then there’s this boozy concoction from Phillips Brewing. It brings all the usual hints of clove and banana with a bigger body. Just remember, it’s not the size of the beer that matters, its how fast you drink it…