Twin Sails – No Fun Zone

Tired of all the good times yet? Put on your serious hat and settle into this new one from Twin Sails Brewing. It is a bit of an iconoclastic one. Golden in colour, yet roasty and rich like a stout. All complexity is achieved by adding coffee, coconut, cocoa nibs and vanilla. The coffee is […]

Four Winds – Vexillum

If you’ve been feeling that craze for hazy IPAs, you’ll be happy to know we got a fresh batch of Four Winds’ Vexillum in this afternoon. This beautiful cloudy Imperial IPA is super juicy, full of melony, peachy and citrusy notes balanced out by nice hop bitterness.

Driftwood – Son of the Morning

Son of the Morning is a returning classic seasonal from Driftwood. This strong golden ale is dry, effervescent and, at 10% ABV, it’s the perfect beer to bring to that house party down in the second circle of hell or whatever.

R&B – Gose and Lavender Saison

It’s been a big week for collaborative brews! Gose with a Nose was made at R&B Brewing in collaboration with Doan’s Craft Brewing. This slightly tart, lightly salted beer was dry-hopped with Citra and Mosaic and brewed with wheat and (you guessed it!) rye malts. R&B’s Lavender Saison is also returning this week. It’s a […]

Howe Sound – Dark Saison

Howe Sound Brewing continues their Sea to Sky series with this dark saison. With a malt bill that includes wheat, rye and oats, this is a complex beer with toffee, chocolate and biscuity notes balanced out by orange peel and peppery paradise seed.

Good Company Lager

They’re quickly becoming a mainstay of Vancouver bars and clubs and now we’ve got Good Company Lager too. If you’re looking for a very reasonably priced, easy-drinking 6-pack, this is the beer for you!

Yukon Brewing – Gold Panner

Whitehorse’s Yukon Brewing is revisiting some forgotten favourites this year in light of their 20th anniversary. Gold Panner was first released in 1998 and was the first dry-hopped beer they produced. This golden ale is effervescent and refreshing, balancing earthy and floral aromas.

Anarchy Brew Co – Sublime Chaos

Dust off your Philosophy 101 textbook and enjoy some light Saturday morning reading with this breakfast stout from Anarchy Brew Co. Sublime Chaos is infused with Ethiopian Guji coffee beans and brewed with oats, perfect for curling up in a breakfast nook and enjoying your weekend brunch… or don’t, because you’re not bourgeois scum.

Dageraad & Steamworks

East of East Van is a collaboration between two Burnaby based breweries: Dageraad and Steamworks. Brewed with black lime and white pepper, this bottle-conditioned saison is exotic and spicy, with a crisp, dry finish. Share it with a friend, or don’t…as John Steinbeck once said “all great and precious things are lonely” lol

Doan’s Craft Brewing – Altaretto

This is one of the more intriguing collaborations we’ve seen in a while: a brewery and distillery teamed up to make this unique brew. Altaretto is Doan’s Craft Brewing Co. Altbier fortified with Sons of Vancouver No. 82 Amaretto. The result is a rich, desserty version of the altbier that showcases the apricot and bourbon […]