Crux Fermentation Project – Cast Out IPA

More from Crux Fermentation Project! Cast Out is a single hop Galaxy IPA with medium bitterness balanced out by a solid malt backbone for a nice and juicy tropical fruit character.

Mt Begbie & Tin Whistle Bombers

A couple new bombers from some BC breweries: Penticton’s Tin Whistle Brewing Co. brings us a little taste of summer with a Citra and Mosaic hopped coconut Weizen. Revelstoke’s Mt Begbie Brewing Co. summer seasonal Attila the Honey is back for a limited time!

Four Winds – La Maison 6-pack

We’re now carrying Four Winds’ La Maison in 6-packs! Brewery Creek staff member Conor swears he will never buy another beer again.

Main St. – Electric Torpedo

This summery white IPA from Main St. Brewing will hit you right in the feels. It leans towards the Belgian side with the classic additions of orange peel and coriander. There’s also the added twist of grapefruit and a big dose of Citra hops. Refreshing and delicious!

R&B – Goseanna

You really want to get your hands on this new limited release from R&B Brewing! It is a delicious gose aged in gin barrels with Brettanomyces. Those things just go hand in hand! Get your hands on it before it’s gone. Out of 165 bottles we got about 12. Cheers!

Phillips – Wildcard

Beware of that person named Brett whenever you invite them over for some card games… They always seem to be able to whip out the wild card whenever they please, while you just have to deal with the hand you’re dealt. Maybe this new beer from Phillips Brewing will give you the upper hand, maybe […]

Four Winds – Vélo

If you’re looking for something thirst quenching, look no further! Four Winds newest beer is just perfect for the occasion. It’s a hazy American pale ale, made with fresh lemon and a sprinkle of Himalayan salt. It clocks in at a mellow 4.5%, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost riding your bike […]

Moon Under Water – Tempus Corvi

This one from Moon Under Water swoops in out of nowhere like the raven in the night. It is a beautiful saison aged extensively in French Pinot Noir barrels. We only have a few of these so there is a bottle limit of one. That’s it that’s all!

Left Hand Brewing – Good Juju

Get ready for another beautiful weekend with Left Hand Brewing‘s Good Juju! This pale ale was brewed with a ton of fresh ginger for a refreshing, spicy kick.

Melvin – Drunken Master IIPA

We couldn’t possibly write better copy for this new Double IPA than Melvin Brewing themselves: “[Drunken Master] looks like sunshine in a glass and tastes like a goddamn dream.”