Brasserie de la Senne – Brusseleir

In a classic Belgian fashion, Brasserie de la Senne disregards tradition and make themselves a black IPA. It has a nice rich malty character with notes of chocolate to back up a solid bitterness.

Persephone – Smoked Porter

Surprise, surpise! Persephone Brewing brings back the smoked porter. This one is not for the faint of heart. It has a rugged roasty and smokey character due to a hefty use of beechwood smoked malt and a variety of roasted malts. Cheers!

Adrian Serrano Rioja

A nice and easy going Spanish red that is a classic blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes. Expect it to be ruby in colour, fruit forward, with warming notes from the alcohol and have a medium body.

Tree – Red Lager

Something new from Tree Brewing, a red lager! Think of it as having a bit more robustness of flavor, while retaining that clean, easy drinking taste you expect from a lager.

Driftwood – Singularity

It’s here folks! Singularity! It braved the snowy weather today to be available to you. Even bigger and bolder than years past, this beauty clocks in at a whopping 13.2%. There are stouts and then there’s this one from Driftwood Brewery. Get it while we have it!

Strathcona – Imperial IPA & Smoked Porter

Behold! More Strathcona Beer! Coming in at opposite ends of the spectrum, there is an imperial IPA and a smoked porter. The Imperial IPA is a hoppy one! It has Azaaca, Wakatu and Cascade hops and clocks in at 10.4%. The smoked porter is dark, robust and has moderate smoke character and hints of bitter […]

Dageraad – Londen

Local Belgian inspired favorites Dageraad Brewing have brought back “Londen” a Canadian take on a Belgian rendition of an English porter to put it in their own words. It has a rich malt profile with subtle fruity and spicy notes from the Belgian yeast. Great for this time of year!

Twa Dogs – Keekin’ Glass Pilsner

Pilsners can be a tricky beast since there is no hiding behind big hop flavour or quirky additives. Victoria Caledonian Brewery & Distillery does it right with this unfiltered pilsner brewed with Pacifica and Motueka hops. No gimmicks here, just quality beer!

Townsite – Lil’ Red 3.0

This beer from Townsite Brewing popped up as if from a fairy tale! A new version of “Lil’ Red” made in the Belgian style with candi sugar and fermented with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis.

Category 12 – Barrel Aged Brett IPA

A curious new brew from Category 12 Brewing. It is an IPA that has been refermented with Brettanomyces Trois in red wine barrels. All these elements combine to give you a deliciously complex beverage with that classic hint of funkiness and notes of tropical fruit. Magnificent!