Tree – Red Lager

Something new from Tree Brewing, a red lager! Think of it as having a bit more robustness of flavor, while retaining that clean, easy drinking taste you expect from a lager.

Driftwood – Singularity

It’s here folks! Singularity! It braved the snowy weather today to be available to you. Even bigger and bolder than years past, this beauty clocks in at a whopping 13.2%. There are stouts and then there’s this one from Driftwood Brewery. Get it while we have it!

Strathcona – Imperial IPA & Smoked Porter

Behold! More Strathcona Beer! Coming in at opposite ends of the spectrum, there is an imperial IPA and a smoked porter. The Imperial IPA is a hoppy one! It has Azaaca, Wakatu and Cascade hops and clocks in at 10.4%. The smoked porter is dark, robust and has moderate smoke character and hints of bitter […]

Dageraad – Londen

Local Belgian inspired favorites Dageraad Brewing have brought back “Londen” a Canadian take on a Belgian rendition of an English porter to put it in their own words. It has a rich malt profile with subtle fruity and spicy notes from the Belgian yeast. Great for this time of year!

Twa Dogs – Keekin’ Glass Pilsner

Pilsners can be a tricky beast since there is no hiding behind big hop flavour or quirky additives. Victoria Caledonian Brewery & Distillery does it right with this unfiltered pilsner brewed with Pacifica and Motueka hops. No gimmicks here, just quality beer!

Townsite – Lil’ Red 3.0

This beer from Townsite Brewing popped up as if from a fairy tale! A new version of “Lil’ Red” made in the Belgian style with candi sugar and fermented with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis.

Category 12 – Barrel Aged Brett IPA

A curious new brew from Category 12 Brewing. It is an IPA that has been refermented with Brettanomyces Trois in red wine barrels. All these elements combine to give you a deliciously complex beverage with that classic hint of funkiness and notes of tropical fruit. Magnificent!

Persephone – Home Grown ESB

Straight from the farm comes this ESB by Persephone Brewing Company. They used their own hops that they dried themselves. The hops include earthy Goldings and assertive Cascade. Must go great with fish and chips!

Moody Ales & Doan’s Craft Collab

Collaboration time! Moody Ales teamed up with Doan’s Craft Brewing Company and bonded over their shared love of rye to make this rye Munich dunkel. It is malty with notes of caramel, chocolate and, of course, that rye spice! Cheers.

Bridge Brewing Beers

Two new exciting brews from Bridge Brewing. Both seem to have a lot going on. One is a milkshake style IPA made with added lactose, oats and peach juice for a bright, refreshing and juicy beverage. The other is a English style ESB made with three different varieties of bread. Expect it to be a […]