Deschutes – Pacific Wonderland

If you are looking for a crisp lager, look no further! Since it is made by Deschutes, it gets a Pacific Northwest treatment. It is dry hopped with Tettnang Mandarina hops (also known as Mandarina Bavaria) to give it a light and citrusy twist.

Straffe Hendrik – Heritage 2015

This is beer of an almost legendary caliber. The people at Brouwerij De Halve Maan know how to make a thing of beauty. This Belgian quad is aged for over a year in French Armagnac barrels. It helps gives this beer its rich aroma and complex taste. You can enjoy it now or put it […]

Yellow Dog – Pack Leader

Hey folks! A new Pilsner from Yellow Dog Brewing! Something to drink when you are suffering from hop fatigue… It is made in the German style and left unfiltered so none of the greatness gets stripped away.

Bellerose Blonde Surfine

It is not often that we new French beer come through or store. Today is an exception! This one is from Brasserie Des Sources based out of Northern France. A bright and happy blonde made with a blend of 3 different hops. Expect this to be light and crisp, yet dry.

Grand Estates Merlot

Here we have ourselves a new Merlot from Washington state. The Columbia Valley to be more specific. Aromas of dark cherries and chocolate come to mind when smelling the bouquet of this wine. In the flavor it is fruit forward with a smooth velvety finish. Try pairing this with roast lamb or grilled salmon.

Powell St – Lazy D’Haze

Another new IPA from Powell St and we’re pretty sure this one is hazy! Dry-hopped with a ton of Amarillo and Equinox, this juice bomb is full of citrus, apricot and melon-y notes.

Joie Farm – Reserve Riesling

This 2015 Reserve Riesling from Joie Farm is made in the Mosel style and features juicy notes of lemon, lime and ginger. It’s a versatile wine, drink it on its own or with food. Perfect for your next spring picnic!

Central City – Beer League Lager

Looking for something mellow among all the craziness in the beer world these days? Thankfully there now is this lager from Central City.

Russell – Barrel Aged Root Beer Milk Stout

How would you make the root beer milk stout from Russell Brewing ever better you ask? You age it in some bourbon barrels of course! It has added notes of vanilla and oak along with the sassafras.

Townsite – Suncoast Pale Ale

Add a bit of brightness in your life during these grey and moody days with this tasty brew from Townsite Brewing. There was a time when you could only get this as a growler fill directly from the brewery. Guess we’re lucky to see it in the bottle at all!