AleSmith – IPA

We’ve got more of the good good for ya! This beer from AleSmith is a classic American IPA full of grapefruit and resiny notes balanced out by a solid malt backbone. Cheers!

Powell – Cheeky Session

Perfect tall boy for summer, it’s the Cheeky Session from Powell Brewery! A hoppy ale with stone fruit, berries and orange zest aroma! Grab a cheeky one today!

Field House – Dark Saison

Part of Field House Brewing’s “Light-Dark” series, this dark saison has a great sour taste and some interesting ingredients ! Fennel and hyssop have come together to give this beer a sour licorice flavour that can’t be beat. As farm fresh and fabulous as always, this is a beer and a series to keep an […]

Steel & Oak and Freigeist Collab

A german Steinbeer, or “Stone Beer”, this beer is produced by pouring wort over hot rocks, bringing it to a boil and caramelizing the malt and sugar! Steel & Oak teamed up with Freigeist Bierkultur, to create a steinbeer lager that tastes like no other.

Alesmith – Speedway Stout and More

New to the store, it’s Alesmith brewing! We’ve go four fantastic beers from this San Diego establishment, most famously, Speedway Stout, a rocking 12%  coffee stout. The reputation of these brewers has made it all the way up to Canada, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Try any of our new additions, included their seasonal […]

Two Brewers – Yukon Single Malt Whiskey

From the true north, proud and free, and we really mean NORTH, Two Brewers (Aka Yukon Brewing) are coming in hot with their classic Yukon single malt whiskey. Mashed with water from glacier streams, wet cedar and round earthy tones will make you say “O Canada!”.

Crux – New Arrivals

Is your cellar looking a bit thin? Want to extend your palette with some beers that go above and beyond their style? Four new Crux arrivals, all fantastic additions to your collection or your taste buds. From “In The Pocket”, a jazz-influenced imperial rustic saison, aged in northwest red wine barrels to “Better off Red”, […]

Phillips – Hopocalypse Meow

Do you love the smell of hops in the morning? Do you yearn for a giant laser-eyed cat? Look no further than Hopocalypse Meow from Phillips Brewing and Malting Co.! 16 years have come and gone for this brewery and their wicked sense of humor! A tropical explosion we’re PAWsitive will knock you off your […]

Freigeist Beers

The people at Freigeist Bierkultur don’t let something silly like the German Reinheitsgebot hold them back. Ever the free spirited folk that they are, their beer sure follows suit. Two new interesting ones are ready for you to snag. One is a gose made with apricot and a hint of smoked malt. The other is […]

Ravens Brewing Beers

A little bird told us that Ravens Brewing has some new beers out. Turns out it’s true! There is a light, yet decently hoppy, ISA made with Galaxy and El Dorado hops as well as an ever so fruity raspberry hefeweizen.