Rogue – Hazelutely Choctabulous

You can say what you want, but Rogue has been crazy stuff with beer since before most of your current favorite breweries have even been conceived. This one just goes to show they still got it. It is a blend of the classics “Hazelnut Brown Nectar” and the “Chocolate Stout.” This helps bring out the […]

Le Trou du Diable – Apocalypso

You may be familiar with this one already, as we have had it in years past. Le Trou du Diable brings back their take on a great American white IPA. It has all that refreshing bite you want while remaining fairly light and easy drinking. The nose presents you with notes of resin, candy, litchi […]

Gigantic – Axes of Evil

It isn’t often that Gigantic Brewing does a new batch of one of their old beers. They tend to have an onward and upward kind of attitude towards brewing beer. To celebrate their fifth anniversary however, they went back and dug up this old recipe they did with 3 Floyds. It’s an American take on […]

New Dieu du Ciel! Beers

It has been quite the week here for Quebec beers. Are we complaining? Heck no! Brasserie Dieu du Ciel makes our day with these appetizing beverages. “Immoralité” is back once more in all its hoppy and glorious goodness. New kid on the block “Pénombre” is a black IPA that blends toasty malt and sharp bitter […]

Vancouver Island – IPA

The people at Vancouver Island Brewing might have drastically changed their look, but thankfully the beer still tastes the same. For those of you who are looking for an IPA that doesn’t numb the taste-buds with intense bitterness there is always this one. It clocks in at just under 5% ABV so you can drink […]

Mikkeller – Fruity DIPA

Why do you have to be such a tease Mikkeller? Brewing tasty beer after tasty beer. How can we not but buy and enjoy them? Our mouths are collectively watering (all at the same time, in sync) for this gorgeous double IPA brewed with a joyous melange of tasty fruit. Includes fruits such as: pear, […]

New Dunham Beers

More tasty beer from some of our new Quebec favorites! Brasserie Dunham has some heavy hitters for you to enjoy. Their is a big and boozy imperial stout made in the Belgian tradition with roasted cocoa beans added as well as pink and guinea pepper and a variety of secret spices. In middle a soon […]

Yellow Dog – Domesticated

To be wild, is to be truly free. After much searching for, hunting down, and wrangling to their will, Yellow Dog Brewing finally managed to capture this essence into a beer. The sour wild IPA is an elusive creature that doesn’t take well to being tamed. Both sour and loaded with hops its a thing […]

New Beau’s Beers

Holy Moly! We just got a whole load of new wonderful beers from Beau’s Brewing. There’s something for everyone in this line-up. To start, we have a boozy imperial schwarzbier. Next up is an oak aged pale fermented with Vidal grapes. In the midst of it all is a witbier brewed with blood orange and […]

Powell St – Imperial Stout

Powell St just delivered something for all of you who don’t believe warmer days should mean lighter beers! This new bourbon barrel aged imperial stout has all the rich dark fruit, roasty, chocolate and vanilla character you stout hounds want.