Freigeist Bierkultur

Another pair of unique beers from the weisse guys at Freigeist Bierkultur! A berliner braunbier with wild strawberries and a berliner weisse with fresh peaches, these are nice change from all the darker, heavier stuff we’ve been drinking lately.

Evil Twin

We don’t take sides in family feuds so we’re following up our Mikkeller haul with a bunch of Evil Twin beers! We’ve got two takes on the berliner weisse style: Don No, brewed with mango and pineapple and The Perfect Matcha, brewed with pineapple and matcha tea. Imperial Doughnut Break is an imperial porter with […]

Upright Brewing

More goodies from Portland! Upright Brewing delivers three beers to get you through the winter. Saison Bruge is a dark saison with cacao nibs, Billy the Mountain is a rich and nuanced brew inspired by English old ales and, finally, Fatali Four is back to spice up your life.

The Commons

It’s been awhile since we received anything from Portland’s The Commons Brewery, so we’re pretty excited for a re-stock of old favourites Flemish Kiss and Urban Farmhouse. Even more exciting? Bourbon Little Brother, a Belgian-style dark ale aged in bourbon barrels.

Church & State – Pinot Noir

We’re always excited to try a new BC Pinot Noir and this 2015 offering from Church & State Wines promises bright fruity notes with a full and silky mouthfeel. Cheers!

Doan’s Craft – Black Lager

Celebrate the end of the week with a new offering from Doan’s Craft Brewing! This unfiltered and gently carbonated black lager is the perfect beer for a rainy weekend.

Freigeist Bierkultur

Two new mysterious brews from Freigeist Bierkultur! With names like “Rhubarb Pie Beer” and “Mango Gose Eisbock” we’re not sure quite what to expect, but we’re all pretty excited to try them.

Phillips – Hammer

Phillips Brewing strikes again! The 2016 edition of Hammer is out and it is still full of all the caramel and bourbon goodness we remember.

Four Winds – Triplicity

Feeling like something effervescent and complex? We have just the thing for you! “Triplicity,” the Belgian Tripel made with Lillooet wild sage honey from Four Winds Brewing is back and better than ever.