Paxis Red Blend

If you are looking for something that matches quality with affordability then this is the wine for you. A blended red from Portugal that shows itself nicely and goes great with a variety of foods.

Trading Post Beers

Back with a fresh new look! Trading Post Brewing has some new Belgian influenced offerings. There is a SMASH (single malt and single hop) style saison and a Belgian blonde. Both have subtle fruity notes and a hint of spice. Cheers!

Field House – Spring

Spring has sprung! Field House Brewing continues their seasonal saison series with this refreshing version. Made with stinging nettle, red vein sorrel and dried elderflower for a herbaceous, lemony and floral touch. Perfect on a day when the sun decides to sneak out from behind the clouds.

Big Rock – Session IPA

For those days you just want to keep it mellow, this session IPA from Big Rock Brewery is perfect. A bit lighter in alcohol and not super hoppy, it still satisfies that need for the refreshing hops. Both Cascade and British Fuggles show themselves nicely in this.

Dieu du Ciel! – L’Exorciste

This beauty from Dieu du Ciel! has a bit of everything. Several strains of bacteria and yeast got hedonistic and partied in some French oak for about 18 months until their sugar rush wore off. What’s left is this deliciously dry, tart and funky sour wheat beer. Amazing!

Gigantic – The City Never Sleeps

Stay up late with a mysterious new brew from Gigantic. This Imperial Black Saison is full of chocolate and dark fruit notes, with a little peppery spice and a nice light finish. Cheers!

Returning Oregon Beers

Two returning favourites from Oregon! Double Mountain‘s Gypsy Stumper and Breakside‘s Wanderlust are back to make your life just a little more dank and grapefruit-y.

Red Collar – Share the Rye’d

Red Collar joins the ranks of breweries trying out this cocktail-reminiscent style. Rye malt and fresh ginger combine for a nice, spicy golden ale.

Sea Cider – Birds and the Bees

Spring is a buzz of activity. The season of bees! Those little pollinators will help us bring all the fruits we want. In honor of this, Sea Cider made this one with some fireweed honey and lemon bitters. Bring on the zest!