Phillips Beers

The flow of beers from Phillips Brewing is seemingly never ending! “Space Goat” is back once more. A classic west coast style pale ale with oats for added texture. The other is a benefit brew with proceeds going to SAINTS Rescue. It is an imperial pilsner that does not mess around!

Blasted Church Wines

We have some fun new wines from none other than Blasted Church Vineyards. “Godspeed” is a white blend of mainly Riesling and some Sauv Blanc and Gewurstaminer to round things out. This gives it notes of green apple, honey and some minerality. Goes great with Mexican food! Next up is a new vintage of “Marital […]

Ravens – Dry Irish Stout

If you are looking to take classic a pub style beer home, give this dry Irish stout from Ravens Brewing a try. It has a lot of dark roast flavour with a hint of espresso, yet is smooth, dry and easy drinking.

Brasserie de la Senne – Brusseleir

In a classic Belgian fashion, Brasserie de la Senne disregards tradition and make themselves a black IPA. It has a nice rich malty character with notes of chocolate to back up a solid bitterness.

Persephone – Smoked Porter

Surprise, surpise! Persephone Brewing brings back the smoked porter. This one is not for the faint of heart. It has a rugged roasty and smokey character due to a hefty use of beechwood smoked malt and a variety of roasted malts. Cheers!

Adrian Serrano Rioja

A nice and easy going Spanish red that is a classic blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes. Expect it to be ruby in colour, fruit forward, with warming notes from the alcohol and have a medium body.

Tree – Red Lager

Something new from Tree Brewing, a red lager! Think of it as having a bit more robustness of flavor, while retaining that clean, easy drinking taste you expect from a lager.

Driftwood – Singularity

It’s here folks! Singularity! It braved the snowy weather today to be available to you. Even bigger and bolder than years past, this beauty clocks in at a whopping 13.2%. There are stouts and then there’s this one from Driftwood Brewery. Get it while we have it!

Strathcona – Imperial IPA & Smoked Porter

Behold! More Strathcona Beer! Coming in at opposite ends of the spectrum, there is an imperial IPA and a smoked porter. The Imperial IPA is a hoppy one! It has Azaaca, Wakatu and Cascade hops and clocks in at 10.4%. The smoked porter is dark, robust and has moderate smoke character and hints of bitter […]

Dageraad – Londen

Local Belgian inspired favorites Dageraad Brewing have brought back “Londen” a Canadian take on a Belgian rendition of an English porter to put it in their own words. It has a rich malt profile with subtle fruity and spicy notes from the Belgian yeast. Great for this time of year!