Returning Quebecois Beauties

Some returning Quebecois beauties that never fail to impress. Brasserie Dieu du Ciel brings us a bodacious pair of boozy beers including […]

Local Wintry Favorites

Gotta love that weather we’ve been having right? It is a great way to keep your beer cool… Here’s and eclectic line […]

Bridge – Rye & Ginger Amber

If it is at all like it seems to be, this intriguing brew from Bridge Brewing should be intense! Rye and ginger […]

Delicious Old World Reds

Some fun, new, old world reds for you to try. There is a Chateau Rouselle Bordeaux, A 2000 vintage of Caves São […]

Thor’s Hammer Gift Pack

Does barrel ageing beer make it better? We can argue until the cows come home or you could just try this gift […]


In honour of the CAMRA Vancouver Cider Festival, we, at Brewery Creek, thought it was only right to help shed some light […]

Salt Spring Ginger Root

Looking for something that brings some spice to your life? There is always this ginger root cider from Salt Spring Wild Cider. […]

Bitterhouse Aperitifs

Looking to round out your home bar with some liquor that will really step up your cocktail game? These bottles from Bitterhouse […]

Phillips – Missile Toad

Kings of the beer name pun game, Phillips Brewing delivers another zinger with this imperial IPA. It is loaded with Australian Ella […]

R&B – Ursos Arctos

Name after the Eurasian Brown Bear, this beer from R&B Brewing is serious stuff! It is full bodied, with rich malt flavors. […]