Red Collar – Share the Rye’d

Red Collar joins the ranks of breweries trying out this cocktail-reminiscent style. Rye malt and fresh ginger combine for a nice, spicy golden ale.

Sea Cider – Birds and the Bees

Spring is a buzz of activity. The season of bees! Those little pollinators will help us bring all the fruits we want. In honor of this, Sea Cider made this one with some fireweed honey and lemon bitters. Bring on the zest!

Sun-Rype – Hard Cider

After 50 years in the juice game, Sun-Rype has finally made a hard cider. And why not? If anyone has access to a vast amount of apples, it must be them. When you have apples you might as well make cider. That way the kids can have their juice, and the adults can have their […]

Bridge – Quaywi

For this one, Bridge Brewing teamed up with Tap & Barrel to bring you something on the tart side. And fruity to boot! It is a kiwi kettle sour. Dry hopped with Huell Melon for a hint of melony goodness. Are you “quay”zy enough to try it? Cheers!

Meadow Vista – Ostara

Here is something for those of you who are keen on trying something a bit different. It is a pyment style honey wine blended with late harvest grapes made by Meadow Vista. This brings out the sweetness a bit with added complexity as well. The nose is lovely with notes of apricot, honey and dried […]

Rogue – Hazelutely Choctabulous

You can say what you want, but Rogue has been crazy stuff with beer since before most of your current favorite breweries have even been conceived. This one just goes to show they still got it. It is a blend of the classics “Hazelnut Brown Nectar” and the “Chocolate Stout.” This helps bring out the […]

Le Trou du Diable – Apocalypso

You may be familiar with this one already, as we have had it in years past. Le Trou du Diable brings back their take on a great American white IPA. It has all that refreshing bite you want while remaining fairly light and easy drinking. The nose presents you with notes of resin, candy, litchi […]

Gigantic – Axes of Evil

It isn’t often that Gigantic Brewing does a new batch of one of their old beers. They tend to have an onward and upward kind of attitude towards brewing beer. To celebrate their fifth anniversary however, they went back and dug up this old recipe they did with 3 Floyds. It’s an American take on […]

New Dieu du Ciel! Beers

It has been quite the week here for Quebec beers. Are we complaining? Heck no! Brasserie Dieu du Ciel makes our day with these appetizing beverages. “Immoralité” is back once more in all its hoppy and glorious goodness. New kid on the block “Pénombre” is a black IPA that blends toasty malt and sharp bitter […]