Duckman Is Giving Us Something To Quack About

From Portugal we have a natural wine from Joao Pato aka Duckman Wines. They are from the Bairrada Region, use only traditional grape varieties. And the use of sulfites is minimized so the grape can be expressed more. Cheers!

  • Nerd Duck Red Wine 10.5% – 96% white grapes that are macerated in the dark in Baga for 5 days
  • Duck Ray Brut Sparkling 9% – Ancestral method, funky with a classic twist.
  • Quaaaq Quaaaq White Wine 11.5% – unfiltered and no sulfites. Dry with notes of lemon and cucumber. With a fresh herb finish
  • Kite Duck White Wine 10% – no sulfites. Made in the blanc de noir style, with a light funk and refreshing punch