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4 New BC Whites For You To Enjoy

The colder weather doesn’t mean that white wines are off the menu. Complete opposite in fact, as they can be a great pairing with lots of dishes we enjoy all year round. Here are 4 fresh in BC whites to enjoy with fish, pork, and/or steamed mussels. Cheers!

  • 8th Generation Winemaker – Riesling 2020 12.9%, juicy and off dry with ripe tropical and stone fruit flavours.
  • Synchromesh Wines – Storm Haven Gibson-Block3 Riesling 2020 7.63%, flavours of mango, ginger and honeysuckle. Acidic and medium dry.
  • Sage Hills Vineyard – Gewurztraminer 2019 11%, wild yeast fermented. A bright and fresh wine with orange zest and honey. As well as lychee and rose petal
  • Kutatas Wines – Ortega 2019 12.5%, minerality with floral musk, peaches and citrus rind