New Arrivals

Ah Luv Meh Rum-Bar In De Evenin

From a glass, or a flask, or a cup,mug,or tin. How do you like your rum in the evening? Please welcome Worthy Park Estate Rum-Bar Rum to our spirits section. We have the Reserve, Silver, Gold and White Overproof.

  • Single Estate Reserve 45%, aged 6-10 years. Aromas of toasted oak with raisins ans plum up front, then light vanilla. A buttery creamy mouthfeel with tropical fruits. A dry finish with hints of black pepper and a touch of ginger.
  • Silver 40%, un-aged rum with notes of banana and hints of citrus and vanilla. Palate is rich and fruity. Lingering finish.
  • Gold 40%, barrel aged min.4 years. Apple and banana sweetness on the nose. Fruit up front on the palate with subtle vanilla. Mellow finish the bursts with flavour.
  • White Overproof 63%, blend of 3 un-aged rums. Banana notes on the nose that follow through on the palate along with exotic fruit.