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Twin Sails Brewing – 4th Anniversary Beers

You must have been living under a rock if you didn’t know it was Twin Sails Brewings 4th Anniversary a couple weekends ago. Don’t fret if you missed it and get get you to Port Moody to get your hands on some of the beers they released for the special occasion. We got in 6 of the beers special released for their Anniversary

  • Lights Out – Imperial Stout with Coconut 15.1%
  • Barrel Aged Con Leche – Imperial Horchata Stout 15.1%
  • Jock Jams – Mixed Berry Dessert Sour 4.7% collab. w/ House Of Funk Brewing
  • Cuppa – Cold Brewed Stout 4% collab. w/ The Dandy Brewing Co
  • Blend Ship – Biere de Coupage 7% collab w/ Luppolo Brewing
  • Depth of Field – Sour Red Ale with Elderberries 5.1%