Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout – $7.01 + taxes & depositIMG_7737
I’m always looking for dry stouts to try, and I was thrilled when I discovered this English Chocolate Stout two years ago. Normally, one wouldn’t expect a flavoured stout to be on the drier side, but this one drinks like unsweetened cocoa. I’d say, of all my recommendations in the store, this one has become the most popular. (Pro tip: mix it half and half with the Samuel Smith Organic Cherry for an awesome Black-Forest Beer)



IMG_7738Isastegi Cider – $13.78 + taxes & deposit
I love farmhouse beers and ciders. I always keep on the look-out  for new wild, english style, or generally dry ciders. Thus far in my search, this Spanish cider is the driest of them all. The Isastegi is incredibly funky, and nothing else on the market in Vancouver holds a candle to it. It’s got a lower level of carbonation than what North American drinkers are used to, but I really love that it’s so very easy drinking.
(Looking for something a little less funky? Try the Sea Cider Wild English. It’s my favourite BC Cider)



Kanazawa Nomu – $23.09+ taxes & deposit
Recently, I’ve noticed customers rebelling against the cold weather by buying the most summer and beach appropriate drinks they can get their hands on. If you, too, are faking out Vancouver’s rainy season, I’d highly recommend the BC’s own Kanazawa Nomu as a “not quite patio weather” sipper. The Nomu is primarily Viognier and Semillon, with just a smidge of Muscat that gives it a brilliant orange finish. I’d argue that it’s the most versatile wine we have in store.
(Want something versatile but with some more oak character? Try the Tinhorn Creek 2Bench White, for an astoundingly harmonious blend)