Driftwood – Latus

This exquisite Flanders red from Driftwood Brewery has flown the coop once more. It’s around for a short time only. Hope you can catch it before it continues on it’s migratory flight south for the winter time. Cheers!

Shelter Point – Cask Strength Whisky

Hello whisky fiends! We have got something interesting for you. This cask strength whisky from Shelter Point Distillery is a beautiful thing. It blends single malt barley with rye at a ratio of five to one and then finishes this in French oak. The finished product is rich and fruity and has many layers of […]

Twin Sails – Random Thoughts

Here’s a random thought: you might just really like this beer! It is made by Twin Sails Brewing after all. If that isn’t convincing enough, it is a sour, has been barrel aged in red wine barrels for over a year, and then conditioned on blackberries and sour cherries. Tasty stuff!!

Field House – Double Dutch

If you like something, you might as well double up on it so it tastes twice as good right? At least that’s Field House Brewing’s attitude with their newest release. Double the alcohol and hops. If you are intrigued, just hop, skip or jump your way over!

Resurrection Spirits – White Rye

Hey everyone! Bid a happy welcome to Vancouver’s newest Distillery: Resurrection Spirits. Their first bottled offering is this white rye. Think of it as an unaged spirit that has been unmolested by oak. This really showcases the purity of the grain. Expect more great things from these folks in the future.

Meadow Vista Honey Wines

If you are in the market for something that is truly unique, you might want to give these honey wines from Meadow Vista a try. These tasty sparklers are made with 100% pure honey and real fruit. There is a choice between apple and cherry.

Howe Sound – Double IPA

Howe Sound Brewing really knows how to pump them out. Another addition to their “Sea to Sky” series is this double IPA. It is juicy, and delicious! Packed full of tropical fruity punch with a hint of dank vibes.

Bottega Viognier

This is a new and exciting wine from a small, yet up and coming BC winery by the name of Bottega Wine Studio. The grapes for this Viognier have been carefully selected and the whole process of the making the wine has been done by hand from start to finish. What you end up with […]

Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon

Another lovely addition to our red wine selection is this nice Cabernet Sauvignon from the Coonawara region of Australia. It consists of a nice blend of berry fruit and herbal touches.

Cameleon Reds

We got some nice new Argentinean reds! There is a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Malbec for you to try.