New Arrivals

Upright and Superflux Collab

Collaborate to create! Two stellar breweries, Upright Brewing and Superflux, coming together to do what they each do best. Take this saison and pack it with hop characters, add some cherry for good measure and get ready to enjoy! Matured in vermouth and gewurztraminer casks, the Jacaranda is an aromatic fantasy!

Red Collar Brewing – Triple Tripel

Are you crotchety and rude? Have we got a beer for you! No Fun Frank from Red Collar Brewing is sure to wipe the smile off your face and take the spring out of your step. Get ready for another six weeks of winter, you bunch of miserable beer enthusiasts. This beer’s got a bunch […]

Powell St – Lekker

More exciting and ~ delicious ~ barrel-aged stuff from Powell St! Lekker is a Flemish style golden sour aged 26 months in French oak with two strains of Brett. Yum!

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