New Arrivals

Dageraad & Upright Collab

Just in case you have the blues, we got rhythm! More specifically Rhythm Section, a spiced saison that is a collaborative effort between BC’s own Dageraad and Oregon natives Upright Brewing. Both are not afraid to experiment with unusual ingredients so expect this to be a heavy hitter. Cheers!

Strange Fellows – Poppinjay

This Strange Fellows Brewing sour is so funky fresh it’ll have you poppin’ your collar and strutting around town! A peacock needs beautiful feathers to attract envy and attention, but all you’ll need is this four pack.

Doans & Odd Society Collab

Though the Fun Times were over? Doans Brothers are back with their collab series, this round featuring Odd Society Spirits Crème de cassis and Doan’s fantastic Kölsch.

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